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Weapon File: Gewehr 43

Yesterday we discussed the M1 Garand, now we’ll take a closer look at its German counterpart: the Gewehr 43. Although each German Rifleman in Heroes & Generals begins his service with this weapon, in reality this rifle was a late addition to Germany’s arsenal, as attested by its name.

German Reverse-Engineering

The necessity of quickly developing a semi-automatic rifle became apparent to the Germans when they came under fire from Soviet troops armed with Tokarev SVT-40s on the Eastern Front. Whereas the Russians had already tested their new rifles during the Winter War against Finland, the standard-issue firearm of the Wehrmacht at that point was the bolt-action Karabiner 98k, which had a much lower rate of fire. Early German semi-automatic designs proved unreliable in combat, but by dissecting captured Russian rifles, German engineers were able to improve the gas-operated mechanism, leading to the development of the G43. However, it was not until the final years of the war that the G43 entered production. Nevertheless, between 1943 and 1945, German factories still managed to manufacture 400,000 of them.

In terms of performance, the in-game Gewehr 43 is nearly identical to the M1 Garand in terms of muzzle velocity, rate of fire and recoil. The one main difference is that it has 2 more bullets in its magazine. A very decent all-purpose weapon, the G43 works best at mid range, where it offers a good balance of accuracy and speed.

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  1. CurstCurst05-02-2014

    “The one main difference is that it has 2 more bullets in its magazine.”
    I’d say it is also worth mentioning that G43 doesn’t have a loud *ding* (“the dinner is served” bell, as I like to call it ^^) announcing to the world that you’re out of ammo and is an easy target. Always disliked M1 Garand because of this feature.

  2. aufar100aufar10005-03-2014

    :D my first 10 headshot with this gun when i was a fresh meat

  3. boosterxhuntingboosterxhunting05-03-2014

    The G43 has two extra rounds making its performance better on the field but the iron sights are better on the M1 Garand making my performance better and i am much more accurate with the Garand.

  4. TheNewLagConspiracyTheNewLagConspiracy05-03-2014

    The Gewehr 43 is in hard stats, superior to the M1 Garand, but the sights are terrible and you need two seconds to centre on a target, otherwise, you would be lucky to hit anything (two seconds is also enough time for a Garand user to centre on your head.) The only time a Gewehr 43 may outperform the Garand is at close range where bullet spam that would be expected from pistols occurs, and so the 43 has a 25% larger chance to hit the target per clip, and this can be as detrimental as Heavy Set Gold is to you surviving a shot from those pesky OneHitKill™ bolt-action rifles(on a side note it’s a good thing the Semi-Automatic line of products was discontinued), giving you enough time to dash for cover and possibly rebuff those bullets. So I’d say the G43 and M1 are balanced, just not in hard stats.

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