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Skirmish mode update

We have been digging into the statistics and data for the skirmish missions as we felt we could make them even more fun with a few minor tweaks to the timings.

So we have now adjusted how the game clock work. Before the average skirmish game took around 20 minutes and we felt that was a bit too long for a skirmish, as they are supposed to be a more ‘bite-sized’ game experience. So reto.ogssan adjusted his watch and poked around in the code so now the base time is a bit shorter AND the benefit from holding the capture points has increased.

This results in a tighter and faster gameplay experience on the Skirmish maps, that makes the game mode even more fun.

  1. DondergodDondergod04-26-2014

    Played a few matches with it today, won several in 3-4 minutes.
    That might sound unbalanced, but normally we would take all 3 points in 3 minutes, to then just sit around their spawn for the remaining 5 minutes.
    Now once we hold all 3 points, it only takes like a minute before the mission ends.

    Feels much and much better for me.

  2. rosiemarosiema04-26-2014

    Less spawnkilling too, bcuz its shorter ofc. good thing

    • Shainka16Shainka1604-27-2014

      well less spawnkilling you say not only in skirmish in every frickin map dozens of tanks camp in a place that we cant even move near of it and die immediately on spawn pls increase the tank assault team money A LOT so we can have fun again

  3. GumbemandenGumbemanden04-27-2014

    Has anyone of you ever gotten around to driving an Sdkfz 222 yet? I’ve never been able to spot one.

  4. steelpanthersteelpanther04-27-2014

    I’ve been in a few skimishes since this took effect. While I thought it used to take to long this is way to fast. It’s a race to cap and once you got them there’s no coming back for the other team. Out of the 5 I’ve been in, 4 ended before i had a chance to even shoot at someone and that’s B lining straight to the cap point on the enemy side.

  5. AstydonAstydon04-27-2014

    please undo those changes. you have no chance to recap.

  6. Viper9Viper904-28-2014

    This change is excellent. But I still think the smaller skirmish (forest skirmish?) needs some kind of building at point B, because now it is too open place there

  7. x11bckx11bck04-28-2014

    imo it’s just one big rush, game is decided after 1 minute. It feels worthless entering a skirmish and no turnaround possible when entering late (e.g. new ATs arrive).
    I suggest give dominating team (when holding all 3 caps) a big timeboost and remove 2nd skirmish.

  8. xjuliussxxjuliussx04-28-2014

    So, we want shorter battles now? Epic battles were lasting from 1h to 2h and 30 min, and was realy epic.
    Now, clans are only capping fast and camping the remaining time for skirmish to finish. This is what we want for this game? AHQ going fast capping all 3 points, with no challenge, sit and camp style ?
    This is not more fun, this is much less boring and makes skirmish much intense, much less fun gameplay. Cap, sit, camp. 4 min -boring

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300004-28-2014

      We want shorter SKIRMISH battles. They have always been thought of as ‘bite-size’ battles. Something you could play while waiting for your dinner to finish cooking, or if you just had a short bit of free time before you had to walk the dog etc.

      We have not changed the assault game mode.

      • lahalivelahalive04-28-2014

        Yes.. you ( Reto ) want shorter Skirmish battles, we don’t want then shorter, or at least I do not, and people I play with, don’t want them shorter. I like that Reto is changing the game, see what Works, what dosn’t etc. but this is not a change for the better.

        At the very least, give me the option, under random battles, to say ” Screw skirmish battles, they suck and are a Waste of my time, I will NOT join any skirmish battles”

      • x11bckx11bck04-29-2014

        Are there players who only play 1 quick match a day? Maybe the ones doing it for the 4 gold. I claim most of us play several battles a day and dont need this quick battles between dog and dinner. Some players are online several hours a day. pls check the numbers, I might be wrong and we have a facebook-“gamer” community

        • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300004-29-2014

          There are a lot of players that play one match from f.ex. 1800-1820, then leave for an hour or two and then come back for another longer session later. These people often don’t log out of the strategy game, but leave the machine running.

          • x11bckx11bck04-29-2014

            and therefore we need a worthless gamemode lol?
            beside mechanic dont works sometimes: team got 2 points, but counter dont goes up. please clean up bugs, changing something is useless with broken code

    • Kosmos85Kosmos8504-28-2014

      yes i am thinking the same. i dont like the new rush games.

      • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300004-29-2014

        It is only the skirmish mode that has changed, no changes to the assault map timings. ;-)

        • lahalivelahalive05-01-2014

          Yes yes, we know it’s only the skirmish mode that has been changed, but sorry to say, you Guys don’t seem to understand, that is it only skirmish mode, we want to be changed BACK to what it was, before this horrific “update” ;-)

  9. jurgenmjurgenm04-29-2014

    It’s too short now, with no chance to recap. Looks like “ololo-rush” – which team first came to points, that won.

  10. J0N4SJ0N4S04-29-2014

    Jagdpanzer 38t? Better implement the Jagdtiger ;)

    • J0N4SJ0N4S04-29-2014

      lol, wrong news post :D but anyway

  11. yinmastahyinmastah04-30-2014

    For once i must give kudos to Reto for this update.

    Though i also agree the timer goes a little bit too fast now and recapping is almost impossible once opponent holds 3 points. So maybe tweak it just a little?

  12. HellMuttHellMutt04-30-2014

    This is a pretty good update, if you want more of CoD-style rushing straight ahead for points and get gunned down near points that are already camped, leaving no time for flanking.

    I seem to remember that this idea was proposed by a member of AHQ not long ago on the forums, they were a bit sad that they had to wait so long to win when they were playing against random Axis hobos.

    Seems like one faction has a fastlane to the devs.

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300005-01-2014

      Do you REALLY believe that?

      You shouldn’t – it is not true… When both sides complain equally about the other being OP we are doing something right, which is what is happening atm ;-)

      • lahalivelahalive05-01-2014

        No both sides are complaining that skirmish mode is now too fast, not that one particular side is OP, just that the side that does ruch most effective within the first 60 seconds, are OP, as they just sit and camp. I totally agree with HellMutt, stating ” there’s no time to flank” and may I add, think creative, organize an assault, or text anyone in chat, cause the time that takes, will cost you a cap point

        • DondergodDondergod05-01-2014

          When you get steamrolled, it means that in the old scenario, you would just get spawncamped for 5 minutes. I have hardly ever seen a match where a side came back when having 0vs3 control zones. It always resulted in a boring spawncamp which was annoying for both factions.

          Right now, the match ends when the spawncamping would normally start. 2 days ago I had a 20 minutes match, in which ‘b’ would keep changing from faction. As long as you keep 1 point, it can go on for quite a while.

  13. LaudanLaudan05-02-2014

    One of rare implementations, which are heading the right way ( from my POV ). Now the houses and logs from anti-spawncamping design can be removed and used in some new maps….maybe? If we have to play table-tenis ( aka ping-pong ) in town battles at least skirms should be 1 battle with the existing timer, skirms should be draged into the middle of two towns and whoever wons it is allowed to advance….2 in 1…..chainblocking will stop to exist


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