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Weapon File: M1 Garand

Today we’ll look at a favorite of mine, the renowned M1 Garand. It’s your starting weapon when you begin your career as an American Rifleman, which reflects historical facts: the United States Armed Forces adopted the Garand as the standard service rifle in 1936. It’s still widely used by civilians and sought after by collectors to this day.

The First Mass-Produced Semi-Automatic Rifle

The M1 rifle was designed in 1928 by French-Canadian-born inventor Jean (John) Cantius Garand and became famous as the first semi-automatic rifle to be adopted as standard issue by a nation’s infantry. If you don’t feel like reading a Wikipedia article, a gas-operated semi-automatic rifle uses the energy of the high-pressure gases from the shot being fired to eject the spent case, chamber the next round and cock the hammer. You just need to pull the trigger again to repeat the cycle. Being the first to wield this type of rifle, US infantrymen had a huge advantage in terms of rate of fire over enemies equipped with bolt-action rifles, which had to be manually reset and reloaded. The Garand is loaded with an 8-round en bloc clip, which ejects with a characteristic ping! when depleted.

To capture the gunpowder gases which powered the mechanism, Garand invented a patented gas trap, located at the muzzle of the rifle, which sent the gas back through a cylinder located under the barrel (this is why the Garand looks so “fat”). Tapping the gas from the barrel, however, meant sacrificing accuracy. For this reason, among others, the M1 Garand is nowhere near as precise as the bolt-action M1903. It does, however, have less recoil.

An all-purpose rifle, the M1 Garand does an okay job in close combat, rocks at mid range and, with some careful aim, can still hurt at long range. And the best thing: Uncle Sam just gives it to you :)

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  1. MrEpicCZMrEpicCZ05-01-2014

    When you show some new feature? I can not wait: D


    Patton approves! ;P

    • Reto.GargamelReto.Gargamel05-01-2014

      Haha! Somehow I expected that one ;)

  3. pade4utodaypade4utoday05-02-2014

    I have a question for you retos which is what job requirements would you need, to get a job at reto if in the future a opening showed?

  4. pade4utodaypade4utoday05-02-2014

    The job Im looking is game programmer

  5. Tadamichi_KuribayashiTadamichi_Kuribayashi05-02-2014

    Just a few things I noticed when I was reading this article. Sure the Springfield is probably more accurate but the Garand has better sights and I would say that they shoot close to each other. ALSO Yes Garand invented the gas trap but very few were produced. They thought the gas-trap was too complicated and weak for bayonet purposes so they changed to a drilled GAS PORT. Only the very first Garands had the gas-trap on them and are very rare today. Here is a short paragraph I found online about the difference between the “Plug” and the “Trap”. “In the early gas trap system there is no hole drilled into the barrel like the gas port type, instead the cylinder screws onto the end of the barrel and the plug that fits into it basically “traps” some of the gas psi as the bullet exits the muzzle, which is actually inside the gas cylinder. The little “stub” you see sticking out of the cylinders pictured above is not the actual barrel muzzle, its the gas plug that is attached to the gas cylinder after the muzzle. Gas is trapped between the muzzle and this plug as the bullet exits and acts on the oprod piston to cycle the gun. This is why the are called “gas traps” and all others are “gas port”.”- I found the paragraph explaining the gas trap and plug online, not my words. Also this information is all on Wikipedia, Just look up “M1 Garand” and in wikipedia under “Design details” this is explained very thoroughly.

  6. Tadamichi_KuribayashiTadamichi_Kuribayashi05-02-2014

    Also just wondering, Do you have a specific person to research all this information? I mean like a Historian or something in your group that researches this information about weapons and vehicles for the game.

  7. TheNewLagConspiracyTheNewLagConspiracy05-02-2014

    I don’t know if it’s the sights, but I always feel it’s easier to hit things if I pick up a M1 Garand over my Gewehr 43. Also, if I kill a high ranking player, there’s a very high the gun will be modded, and if it is, there’s also a high chance it’s modded to do maximum damage; you could say the M1 is a favourite of mine too in that respect.

  8. hchrishchris05-02-2014

    This is WIKI material!

  9. SemperFiSemperFi05-02-2014

    its good
    so its easy to give new the link about weapons

    to the guy with the face in water is that the new SEAL´S AT from the alliis :D

  10. Tadamichi_KuribayashiTadamichi_Kuribayashi05-02-2014

    My Point is, I think there is a mistake in the Article reto because the gas-trap isnt the design that was produced, and it isnt the design thats in the game cause you can see that it is a gas-port.

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