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Update: Server & Client hotfix

We have just uploaded the first hotfix of the Oster build. This new hotfix addresses both a handful of bugs that we’ve found over the last couple of days as well as a few tweaks.

Weapon Tweaks

  • Machine guns (M1918, MG34, M1919 & MG42): Range increased, and “far Damage” lowered
    – this has the effect that the weapons will damage enemies further away.
  • Sub-machine guns (MP40 & Thompson): Near damage buffed, range increased
    – this makes the SMGs a bit more effective
  • Semi-Auto rifles (M1 and G43): Range increased
    – this makes the weapons a bit more effective at range
  • Head damage multiplier upped from 3 to 4

Other Tweaks & Fixes

  • Fixed Host Center Ping bug
    – This will help you get into servers with better ping.
  • Improved Server Selection
    – This will help you get into servers with better ping.
  • Improve buffering of warmap Fog-of-war to boost performance.
  • A small handful of crash fixes.

So the next time you logon to the game you will BOTH do a bit more damage with your weapons & have a better experience joining servers closer to you.

  1. L4rcherL4rcher04-15-2014

    Does this mean that I can kill people again with my Kar?

    • MaulincioMaulincio04-15-2014

      no snad to bude zas o něco lepší … ještě by mohli zrušit to posraný zamykání, protože kdo kdy viděl odemykání Willyse, když ani nemá dveře ani klíčky :D

      • MaulincioMaulincio04-15-2014

        Sory :D … Well hopefully it will be quite a bit better … still they could cancel the fucking door lock, because who ever saw locked Willys, even though it has no doors and no keys: D

  2. iki1111iki111104-15-2014

    my game not working.server open????or it is my problem???

  3. RU5LANRU5LAN04-15-2014

    ahora si volvere a matar a todos con la mp40 buuajajaja

  4. MasterTankerMasterTanker04-15-2014

    Ok Reto, last night i got a new hard drive and installed on it Windows 8.1 with the lastest nvidia Beta drivers, a fresh install only for H&G and i can say what the game is barely playable, i insist what you have a problem with Server optimization because more people and vehicles are on the field more lag you get, especially with lots of planes, airbattles can drop the frame rate to 3 fps, but even without planes and tank the games goes all the time between 60 fps to 3 fps.

    My specs are amd fx 6100, 8gb ram and nvidia 550Ti and my connection gives me a ping of 100 with 0 packets lost, i can download at 600kb/s

  5. -Ger-Schilli-Ger-Schilli04-15-2014

    @ Master Tanker seems like you running on a single core processor when a dual core is recommended. You playing on a laptop ?

  6. SemperFiSemperFi04-16-2014

    sounds realy good :)

  7. pade4utodaypade4utoday04-16-2014

    Yes indeed, also for reto if you by chance read this would there be the slightest chance in future features that there might be pak 40’s and Ordnance QF 6-pounder?

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300004-16-2014

      We are looking into smaller anti-tank cannons, so it is something we might add in the future!

  8. ZeyroKJZeyroKJ04-17-2014

    Any news on fixing the hit registration?

    See forums (wierd hitboxes) for examples.

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