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Oster Feature: Queue for Missions

More new stuff? Yep, more new stuff! Yesterday we looked at the much talked-about vehicle unlock feature which will be introduced in the Oster build. Today we’ll quickly introduce two very practical novelties: the ability to queue for missions when they are already full, and the ability to queue for a friend’s mission.

My Boys Need Me

Is there a decisive battle populating, which you really, really don’t want to miss? Are there already too many members of your own faction joining, and not enough enemies? Is the battle already at full capacity? Well in Oster you will be able to queue for that mission; that is to say, you can register your interest to join the battle and wait in the lobby for a soldier slot to become free.

Similarly, if you want to join your best friend, no matter where he is fighting at the moment, you will have the option to select his name from your friends list and click Queue for Friend’s Mission. This method also avoids you the trouble of searching through the Mission List for your friend’s nickname! It is important to note, however, that in order for the button to be displayed, you need to be mutual friends, that is to say, both of you must add each other.

Stay tuned for more!

  1. Klofan17Klofan1704-09-2014

    This is exactly what this game needed from its beginning. Now, when we Axis can join together in same battle, no more victories for Allies :D

    • DanielKenwayDanielKenway04-10-2014

      You already have good enough tech what more do you need!

    • GrDHanibalGrDHanibal04-10-2014

      ahhhhhhhhh thats funny we shall see if axis can play fps now and not rely on autoresolve. lol

      • LaudanLaudan04-12-2014

        The first friend that is lurking a mission can still sit there for an hour, if noone from the other side will join the battle—-spearheads still possible only for underpop Allied side :(


        But yeah some minor organization can allow now 3×6 players to oppose TF aka AHQ in every battle that they wanna push…at least that

  2. Otto_Von_StierlitzOtto_Von_Stierlitz04-09-2014

    That’s a great news, but what about paratroopers? I’m looking forward to see their fixes.

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300004-09-2014

      Just for info: Paratroopers are not returning in Oster.

      • GumbemandenGumbemanden04-09-2014

        And why is that? I’ve been playing the game for a couple months, and the paratroopers look quite cool.

        • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300004-10-2014

          A number of reasons: Paras were very confusing and created a lot of issues in the strategy game. In the action game, they had to fly their own planes which 75% of the time did not work out and crashed/landed/broke or they ran out of planes to spawn from. Defending a town with paras and still jumping out of planes does not really make sense. SO we disabled the creation of new paras (we did not have time to fix them in this build) and instead of just deleting existing paras (losing exp & rank) and refunding the credits/gold spent on them we locked the creation of new ones.

          I REALLY hope we can get them back in one of the next builds and I know that everybody on the dev team feels the same way. It if just a matter of planning/time and if other features/bugs take priority.

          Hope this helps explain a bit :-)

      • SurrakorulesSurrakorules04-10-2014

        Very nice update

  3. SemperFiSemperFi04-09-2014


    the what i see and what you see change realy nice and the low and high grafik that not at 100 the bush get away NICE realy NICE
    so many smal thinks what get change fix to a good option good work to the Progamm guys

    Greez SemperFi

  4. NevetosNevetos04-10-2014

    Finally I can join those full missions even with a lower ping than others <3 Previously the players just went up without my enter combat button showing up for me…

    PS: What happens when 20 people queue for that one mission? Does the first get chosen? A random one? Or the one with the highest rank?

    • DerTiejaDerTieja04-10-2014

      Good question! And will it be possible to see how MANY people are queuing? That i can decide, to wait or better choose another battle!

      But this feature make it much easier to play with friends, thanks! :-)

      • Reto.VashuReto.Vashu04-10-2014

        In this first version you won’t be able to see how many are queueing.

        Also you are picked upon your place in the queue. So if you joined the queue first, you will be the first to enter.,

        • NevetosNevetos04-10-2014

          Is it possible to give players with lower ping priority? (In later update) Because we definitely wont be the first to see the button :(

  5. xjuliussxxjuliussx04-10-2014

    This is one of the best news since i ve joined this awsome game. Why didnt you say so from beginning? nice job

  6. k120k12004-10-2014


  7. yinmastahyinmastah04-10-2014

    LOL, spank my butt and call me Charlie guys, but isn’t this yet ANOTHER feature that does not add anything to the game?
    Instead of getting horny right away with every add-on you read about, please try to get a clear image of the practical advantage of it, over the possibilities the game already offers.

    When using Teamspeak you can ALREADY decide what battle to join as a group/team and simply spam the ‘join mission’ button. Works 99 out of 100 times.

    Besides, for those – here we go again – randoms who do not know about the use of Teamspeak since they lack a mic (can’t image anyone playing online games without a decent headset anno 2014 though) it still does not make sense wanting to play with a “friend” in the same mission if you can’t communicate to eachother anyway other than ingame chat??

    So funny to see people getting so aroused by reading about new “break through” add-ons, though they do not even have a clear view of what the game already offers.

    Instead Reto should do something about:
    1: the annoying grease period when leaving a battle on purpose. If i want to leave a battle i want to be able to do so.
    2: remembering the setting of “disable high ping warning”. At least not working here.
    3: all known performance issues on RTS map (lag spikes when redeploying units, map freez on random occasions, bugged accespoints causing chain blocks, retreated AT’s still getting stuck in a battle etc etc).

    just my two cents..

    @ RETO:
    Will those that currently DO have para character, still get to keep it? It is mostly the vets around that have them and our only ‘fix’ for holding strategic important towns and preventing newbs playing and thus losing them. Also double accounters without para character, can’t deliberatly start outnumbers battles by switching to other side..

    Please keep paras in until you implemented a GUID system + levelled up the minimum required skill level to play real missions or came up with a decent tutorial reducing the amount of newbs on the war map. Cheers.

  8. yinmastahyinmastah04-10-2014


    implementing “the joining friend” feature could have been much easier if you simply registered the game at Xfire. “Huh?”/ “What” “Xfire you say?” “What is Xfire??”….. I hear them say :)

    Welcome to the world of online gaming guys.

  9. SemperFiSemperFi04-10-2014

    WOW and to day you play it on server thas fast after the last NEWS ;)
    @ Reto.Robotron3000 that PARA is not fix in that build is NP maybe next ore in other but one question i have about the PARAS is it not possible to say when thay mouve the PARA from Airfild than thay come with plane when thay stay at ground walkon foot how you say in Town that thay than can only do ground fights means the PARA have transpoet plane only at an Airfild and when thay go on foot thay let the Transpoet plane at the AIrfild did thay come to next Airfild thay have there Transport planes back. is only a idea.
    does some like this is possible do do at this game engin

    greez SemperFi

  10. tmncutmncu04-10-2014

    uhmm….i cant wait 4 play ya.. @__@ good job

  11. TuupertunutTuupertunut04-10-2014

    I can imagine this procedure when clans are joining battles. First, a six player infantry squad waits in matchmaking. When they enter the battle, they inform others about it in TS and those others start queuing for the matchmakers’ battle.

  12. LaudanLaudan04-12-2014

    The first friend that is lurking a mission can still sit there for an hour, if noone from the other side will join the battle—-spearheads still possible only for underpop Allied side :(


    But yeah some minor organization can allow now 3×6 players to oppose TF aka AHQ in every battle that they wanna push…at least that

  13. LaudanLaudan04-12-2014

    Was this option easier to implement, then ” a player creates a squed, clicks campaign map and run his squad into battle” ? Just asking


  14. LaudanLaudan04-12-2014

    Haha, how naive can I be ? Just checked and the thing doesnt work….could spare me some words


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