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Oster is online!

The new build named Oster (after the German Major General Hans Oster) is live on the servers! So that you know what to look out for when you jump in, here’s a short update explaining the new features we’ve added for you to enjoy!

New Features

Mechanized Recon – New AT and New Vehicles

A new Assault Team makes its way onto the field of battle. Mechanized Recon – these recon ATs can not only help generals by spotting enemies from afar, but also deliver a considerable punch to lightly armored enemies in the action game. If you want to know more about the newly added SdKfz 222 & M8 Greyhound, take a look here.

New weapons

Fresh weapons! The Oster build also introduces the MG34 German light machine gun as well as the American M1918 Automatic Rifle. But that’s not all, the factory-fresh German Panzerschreck also makes an appearance on battlefields everywhere.

Updated weapon mods and tweaks

In addition to adding the above-mentioned new weapons, we have also gone through all the weapons and weapon mods, improving balancing between modded weapons and combat badges so everything now plays better, and fixing existing bugs. Ohh! And we’ve also given the hand grenades a boost so they are more effective and work much better in clearing rooms. You can read more about the updated weapons, mods & grenades here.

Hero Iteration

Another new exciting addition is a major update on how your character handles in the action game. This should give you a much better sense of where your character is in the environment as well as improving how the camera works, how aiming works and generally tightening the coupling between what you see and what the enemy sees on the screen. You can read more about the hero iteration here.

There is of course much more happening in the build, so continue reading for more details…

Minor stuff

Here is a list of some additional features in the Oster build.

  • Queueing – you can now queue for full missions and you can queue for missions your friends are playing in – read more here
  • Vehicle locks, vehicles now have owners – read more here
  • Updates to HUD & Stealing vehicles – read more here
  • Anti-Spawn Camp work on Skirmish maps – read more here
  • Supply Crates on autos – read more here
  • Easier switch to/from tanker/recon/pilot – read more here
  • Airfield Map tweaks – read more here
  • 100+ New battlefields in Europe
  • Drag and drop weapon loadout for your characters

Mobile Command

The Mobile Command app moves along on its own release cycle (when at all possible) so the current version is compatible with the Oster build when it goes live.

For a more detailed changelog take a look here: Changelog on the wiki or..

Click here to play now

  1. NevetosNevetos04-10-2014

    In the full change log, it talks about “Moved the mystery bike a bit” What is the said ‘mystery bike’? Is it an Easter egg waiting to be found???

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300004-10-2014

      It is a mystery bike! Mysterious bicycle it is! :-D

    • DondergodDondergod04-10-2014

      There is a bike on the mountain skirmish that was always exactly on top of a bush. Seeing the bush has about the same colour, you pretty much had to bump into the bike to find it ;).

  2. camacho12camacho1204-10-2014

    I have dropped the level all my characters that that has happened?

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300004-10-2014

      If it looks like everything is at level 1, it is a database sync issue. play one match and you should be back to normal.

  3. camacho12camacho1204-10-2014

    I played a game and as usual, I hope a solution thanks.

  4. griffner2griffner204-10-2014

    Yayyyy!! Thanks for the expedited delivery.

  5. stalinkillerstalinkiller04-10-2014

    Hi i need to report a bug…i’ve got the pilot class but i can’t buy the pistol…can you help me ???

    • BabyhoofBabyhoof04-12-2014

      it is not a bug but a store info misreading-you need to level up again before you unlock it

  6. CurstCurst04-11-2014

    I expected “BAR” to be somewhat more powerfull. At least I didn’t expect it to be basically a medium to long range versions of Thompson.

    • stalinkillerstalinkiller04-11-2014

      Not even likeThompson…Is a op Thompson

  7. DerTiejaDerTieja04-11-2014

    What are the stats of MG43 and BAR?

    • CurstCurst04-11-2014

      BAR (factory standard):
      – same rate of fire as Thompson;
      – same range as Springfield M1903;
      – damage and stability are a tiny bit higher than that of a Thompson;
      – precision is a tiny bit lower than that of a Thompson.

      Not sure about MG34 because I don’t have it, but from what I’ve experienced in battles it has equally low damage

  8. DerTiejaDerTieja04-11-2014

    MG34 ;)

  9. yinmastahyinmastah04-11-2014

    What you complaining about? Can’t you read?:
    “improving balancing between modded weapons and combat badges so everything now plays better”

    Well at least THEY got the feeling they improved something.

    Yeah right, maybe on stable server, when will they synchronize this good stuff :)

  10. JarBoboJarBobo04-11-2014

    Does it take a long time to verify and download game data for any of you?

  11. xjuliussxxjuliussx04-11-2014

    Congratulation RETO who put this —> “Queueing – you can now queue for full missions and you can queue for missions your friends are playing in –—-> at the section “MINOR STUFF” .
    This should be the first and with big letter first to be announce for this build, with drums and lot of noise! My congratulation on the new build, its a real good start in a good direction. Just dont mixed up MAJOR STUFF with Minor STUFF.

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300004-11-2014

      I did.. But now I moved to the TOP of the list of “minor features” :-)

  12. gollom123gollom12304-11-2014

    the new patch just sucks, im sorry but it does….gameplay fun has just been killed

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300004-12-2014

      Fortunately the vast majority of players disagree with you.
      Give it a couple more tries and if you have specific things you don’t like, discuss them in the forum and we’ll see if features need tweaking or updating.

      • DerTiejaDerTieja04-12-2014

        Buy i agree withgolem123

        some things were really bad :/

        like the BAR, it has only 20 rounds and it seems like that don’t reach to kill 2 people with the same magazine…. (if they are moving). The BAR has to less rounds(but the amount is historical correct) or it don’t deal enough damage!!!!
        In additional, i have really the feeling that i need much more bullets from any weapon to kill a person… did you work on the deamageZones like legs etc, or are all weapons weaker?

        The “steal” Vehicle feature is really annoying it takes so long and you can’t defend yourself at this time = deadly. The same is with the cars from my own side, why sound i’m not able to move them while his old driver is still alive????

        • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300004-12-2014

          We fixed a bug where damage fall off over distance did not work properly. ie. all weapons were too powerful at range, but it was especially felt on SMGs and Garand/G43 when hitting legs/arms.

          We are currently looking at the data reg. damage and will continue to tweak and modify damage/range/etc.

          As for stealing vehicles.. It was SUPER annoying when you just left your vehicle to help cap a point that someone else (from your own team even) just grabbed the vehicle and drove off in it.

          As for the time it takes to unlock – there are combat badges that reduce that time :-)

          • DerTiejaDerTieja04-12-2014

            What is if you give the player only the ABILITY to lock the vehicle???
            So i can give other people the chance to take a vehicle i don’t need anymore…

            I hope we will get a nice List of new weapon Values ;)

  13. Gen.rapoyGen.rapoy04-12-2014

    i cant log last log in is march 10 and i cant log in anymore

  14. camacho12camacho1204-12-2014

    karabiner 98k damage with telescopic sight has been reduced

  15. RU5LANRU5LAN04-13-2014

    la mp40 es una mierda ..q dispara agua?? casi siempre estoy en los 3 puestos y ahora no hago una mierda y el rifle de cerrojo perdio potencia…para que tanto tiempo jugando para llegar tener estas dos armas si en un dia se daña todo..ahora para matar a alguien se necesita mas de 5 impactos

  16. SQPDSQPD04-14-2014

    A water gun? I feel the same way about the tommy…

  17. deathmachineptdeathmachinept04-15-2014

    All these changes aren’t noticeable since the infantry combat is really really bad now, guns aren’t deadly and they feel like toys, just make bolt rifle kills in 1 torso hit, Lmg and Semi auto kill in 2 torso hits and smg and pistol in 3 hits, a hit on the neck and head should always count as a headshot.

    The recoil in the MP 40 is also pretty bad it just goes up and down and mouse input seems to make no effect, first shot of a smg should be the most accurate but the one that produce more recoil after continuous shooting the recoil should have a limit since you are applying more force and predicting it’s movement.

  18. korb97korb9704-15-2014

    Your weapon from first person view isnt 3d anymore, before when you moved it the weapon shifted in that direction and the sigts became not aligned, now the weapon looks like it is painted on the screen, VERY NOT REALISTIC ANYMORE!!!
    Also, droping a weapon you picked up if you scroll to another weapon isn’t good, now i can’t even look through binoculars whitout droping my pickedup weapon. And there are also other bugs, like sometimes if you are killed it doesn’t even say on the kill text.
    I think RETO only keeps theyr mind on adding new weapons and stuf to atract more player, rather then making the ingame mechanism work good.

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300004-15-2014

      It is actually the exact opposite. It USED to be that weapons were not drawn in the 3D world in the First-person view and NOW they are.

      We are trying to let you pick up weapons and drop them again instead of swapping, we think it works better so you can f.ex. pick up a Panzerfaust and run around with that WITHOUT dropping your primary weapon. There has to be some kind of limit to avoid players just picking up every weapon they see.

      • korb97korb9704-16-2014

        I understand that what you see now is actualy what is in the real 3d world, but it doesn’t seem so, because before when you were aiming through the iron sights and you moved your weapon the sights didn’t remain aligned (went into misaligment) and you could see the side of the weapon, which is more realistic, because in reality no person can move around while keeping his weapon straight and having it’s sights perfectly aligned so he only sees the back of the weapon. Aim with a weapon in the current build and move it around a bit then try it in the previus version and you will see what i mean.

        Also, at least make it so that you can use the binoculars without droping a pickuped weapon (since binoculars are’t actualy a weapon)

  19. AlessioVAlessioV04-15-2014

    Thanks to have ruined the whole MP40,130000 wasted and you even expect us to buy shit with real money maybe? Now i have that crappy paintball gun witch which i cannot even shoot enemies at 20 meters since it would take a whole clip to kill 1 soldier. Without counting the fact that you’ll get 20 hit messages that create a column that covers half the screen and the recoil is unmanageable,firing an automatic bazooka while running is easier.

    Before i could kill 3+ guys in very close quarter combat,now with a whole clip i can barely kill 2 if i hit them with all the rounds.

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300004-15-2014

      Have you tried it after todays update to the SMGs?
      They were too OP earlier so we had to turn them down a bit and now we are tweaking them until they feel just right.

      NB: We are working on a switch so you can turn off the hit messages.

  20. foltrestfoltrest04-16-2014

    Great work reto, THis build is awesome! There are still problems with optimalisation(sometimes its jumping from 30fps to 2fps, etc.). New weapons are good, but what do you think about adding for germans Sturmgewehr 44(more comparable to BAR than mg 34), and for allies Bren(British lmg)?

What are you waiting for soldier? We need heroes on the battlefield and generals to lead them!