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Oster Features: Vehicle Theft, Vehicle Icons & New HUD Messages

By now we have covered most of the nice new features you will find in the “O” build of Heroes & Generals: new LMGs, the infamous Panzerschreck, Mechanized Recon ATs with 2 new vehicles, a new career selection menu, supply crates on cars, new buildings on the Airfield map and on the Skirmish maps, improved realism for Heroes as well as adjusted damage values for weapons. But wait! There’s more! We’re also going to introduce a new way to interact with vehicles, in particular when it comes to stealing them… and we have added some features to the head-up display, too!

Inglorious Car Thieves

The first important change affecting vehicles in Oster is that they will now be locked for everyone except the player who deployed in them. This means that nobody else can drive off without first unlocking the vehicles by holding down the E key — and this takes some time. Pictured on the right the icons corresponding to the different stages of this process.

For friendly soldiers, the option to unlock someone else’s vehicle will only appear if the owner dies or walks away far enough that his vehicle is considered “abandoned” by the game. Enemies, on the other hand, can unlock your vehicle at any time. Once unlocked, a vehicle remains unlocked — for everybody.

We will also make it possible to enter vehicles from any side. If you are the one who deploys the vehicle, the game will automatically put you in the driver’s seat (use the C key to switch). If not, you will be assigned to the gunner’s (or passenger’s) seat,but will need to unlock the vehicle before you can switch to the driver’s seat. Once the vehicle is unlocked, whoever gets there first, gets the driver’s seat.

Among other things, this means drivers can now leave their vehicle and capture objectives without worrying about their own kleptomaniac teammates. And if it’s a foggy night and you need help remembering where you parked, there will be a vehicle icon conveniently floating above your ride. Each vehicle type has its own icon, which matches the one visible in the deploy menu.

To make things even more interesting, we will also introduce the Car Thief Combat Badge, which you obtain by leveling up the Driver Ribbon, and its companions the Tank Thief (Tanker only) and Airplane Thief (Pilot only) Combat Badges, which you earn through the Tank Driver and Dog Fight Ribbons, respectively.

New HUD Messages

Vehicle icons are not the only new visual cues you will encounter in Oster. New HUD messages will let you know when you do something which earns you experience points, such as hits and kills, but also captures. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that there are two different kinds of experience, Combat experience and Tactical experience. As of Oster, the HUD messages do not yet tell you which kind you are earning; that will come later.
Starting with Oster, new recruits will have a clear incentive to capture objectives when they see how many points they earn for it. This will also be reflected in the battle scoreboard, so expect total scores to look way bigger!

Stay tuned for more!

  1. yinmastahyinmastah04-08-2014

    Not sure how vehicle unlocking feature will work out but i do hope the the unlock key (E) will be optional to set? Not everyone uses WASD that is…. It does slows down the gameplay even further though when you now need to unlock a vehicle that would be locked in real life during a battle (as far as this game makes any sense when it comes down to realism)

    Even MORE HUD info? Seriously?
    At current stage i think it already has an annoying amount of info being displayed which simply blocks the view!!
    Why not adding a score table somewhere on the character menu which tells you how many points a hit/kill or capture gives you? This extra HUD info is really bullox if you ask me and doesnt add anything to the game. Such a shame…

    You failed there Reto…. :(

  2. yinmastahyinmastah04-08-2014

    There is this option on the forum called “Poll” so next time you tend to make these kind of changes, might better ask playerbase what they would think of it…

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300004-08-2014

      Locked vehicles is a feature the community has requested for years.

      As for HUD we need to make the game accessible to new players and one of the biggest complains we’ve had is that it is too difficult to understand that you NEED to capture points to win/get a good score. So we did what you said and based these things on what the community needs and wants. :-)

      • yinmastahyinmastah04-08-2014

        Thanks for your reply Robotron.

        You must agree that simply adding more info to the HUD doesnt really suit all needs. Why not making it optional to satisfy everybody? If i want to see more useless info (who cares about hit indicator + points gained for a hit anyway?) i’d turn this option on and otherwise i will leave this disabled.

        If i want to see flashy stuff while in the heat of battle i’d go play Robot Unicorn Attack…..

        I understand you guys want to get more new players introduced to this game, but instead of starting to annoy the vets, improve/expand the training missions instead!

        For more suggestions, just read the forums and you will notice what the player base really wants. We don’t need those new players (newbs) help us capping radios anyways, we got enough players who DO know the game mechanics.

        • vengeicevengeice04-08-2014

          I dont think you quite understand that in the future the current vet playerbase will not be the one supporting the game but rather the incoming newbs, so the easier it is for new players the playability of the game will improve for everyone one, not so many headless chickens running around. For you it seems like more people capping is useless but that is a perspective from someone who only plays in team/rarely plays alone, if u actually played random battles you would notice that theres quite a bit of useless campers and if they actually helped in capping it would make a great difference.
          Shame there isnt a signature here :S

        • vengeicevengeice04-08-2014

          Also as someone who mainly plays random battles, it is quite annoying that random newbs will take the halftrack and uselessly lol around in them, for which is why i doubt u would know that since you only play in team. As someone who is always at a ping disadvantage and theres times that half my hits do not register, it is quite a nice addition to know if hits actually did register since the grunting sound doesnt seem to work all the time?
          So by ur corrent logic, if u dont like it or make it easier to play as a team it completely sucks and therefore it fails. With some exceptions :S

          • smknsmkn04-10-2014

            Making something easier doesnt make it better, and if vets get tired of the game, what do you think happens to “newbs” after playing the game for six months?
            My argue goes only for the lack of option for the amount of info the HUD displays. But i guess that speaks more to the game programming than the visual outlook.

            ps. i do love this vehicle lock system, along with the new queue system, WoW, never believed reto would deliver on that “as fast as” they did.

      • joker16joker1604-08-2014

        I like how it will show me the tactical points i receive from a takeover point. its a really good HUD addition, but i would like to start seeing more realism in tanks and mobile anti-aircraft vehicles. like the American M-16 or the whirlbernd whatever German vehicle.

      • EvoThalEvoThal04-08-2014

        What with tankers? We got only 1 point for kill? We cant capture half of the points on maps. For pilots this is important too.

        • NevetosNevetos04-09-2014

          Tankers can cap points, even buildings, a lot of the times, try driving a corner of your tank into the door (i.e. B3) And it will start capping. Or just go for it in Oster and trust the locking mechanism :P

  3. cukaashacukaasha04-08-2014

    Reto you’ve gained my heart !! keep it up and millions of players will play it, H&G, faith is restored :)

  4. DerTiejaDerTieja04-08-2014

    I don’t know whether i like the new unlock feature at vehicles… -.-

    How long will it takes to unlock (without badgets)?

  5. SemperFiSemperFi04-08-2014


    first ME back LOL
    and i see realy GOOD STUFF fore that you get from me = +++
    realy nice features TOP
    cant wait to see it ingame and play with the new stuff :D

  6. Klofan17Klofan1704-08-2014

    Will there be some changes of Tactics ribbon ? It is now almost impossible to unlock pistol or even SMG… And some changes about sniper rifle availabitily for regular soldier ? And glass breakable in every map ? :)
    But this build will be big change, and it looks that it will be very good change ;)

  7. GregzGregz04-08-2014

    Lock empty car is on the verge of fantasy)
    It bust in your imagination, it’s not real.

    Many icons on the screen during the game is bad and not comfortable to play. It is better to play the information after the game

  8. FreddeN93FreddeN9304-08-2014

    I like the idea, but did soldiers really grab their key and lock the doors during the heat of battle? Looking at realism here. I would rather just have the enemies not being able to use enemy vehicles as they would have no clue on how to operate them. For instance: An American soldier find a left behind German Tiger, and for some reason he uses his supermind and can operate it without any issues whatsoever. Just remove the theft and just lock them permanently for enemies to capture unless the owner dies.

    • infidel666infidel66604-10-2014

      Only realism here are the “looks”….

  9. yinmastahyinmastah04-08-2014

    Well guys,
    as long as there are simple minded players that get can kept satisfied by just adding new shiny weapons and vehicles, Reto won’t bother improving the gameplay in the meaning of mechanics and realism. Slowly this game will turn into the next Battlefield it seems.

    Adding more stuff to HUD for example, instead of working on a decent tuturial/training mission to get new players get to know the basics, is a wrong turn if you ask me.

    But i’ve seen this happen a lot of times before…
    Whenever a developer and/or publisher simply tell their audience ‘here you go, THIS is your new game go and have fun with it no matter if you like or dislike” instead of “hello dear loyal playerbase, what would you think about….” a game will certainly die a slow death.

    But hey, the amount of players currently active says enough no? Or are we all mistaken?

  10. shakenbakeshakenbake04-08-2014

    Well at least the “update” pace has picked up so kudos to RETO. I look forward to trying out the new build although I still have my own list of things (as does everyone) I would like to see change. As you already know RETO you will not please everyone….stay true to what YOU envisioned this game to be. In the process you will lose/gain new players based on the changes you make. Cheers and best of luck!

  11. BabylonjokeBabylonjoke04-08-2014

    I dig it :)

  12. MasterTankerMasterTanker04-08-2014

    Reto all looks so good, but i dont know about locked vehicles, sometimes you need to hide your car far away from action, prevent dissapearing please.

    My unique problems is the framedrops, i can play any game in this PC, even online without lag but H&G just dont work, it ranges between 3 frames per second and 60 fps all the time, ive sent to you the dx files several times, i checked my ping and packets lost and all is fine, i opened the port 50009, 50010 and 21201, everything and the game just dont work as should, please fix that or tell me a solution.

  13. TictacmanTictacman04-08-2014

    OMG i cant wait !

  14. kikoxkikox04-08-2014

    I think it’s a pretty vital part to be able to capture normal vehicles without much fuss.
    I also think that it would make sense if you couldn’t capture tanks with just normal infantry (or pilots for that sake) but you needed to be a tank man.

  15. ShockInfantryShockInfantry04-08-2014

    I hope there is the ability to turn off some of the new HUD messages. One of the charms I found for this game is that it didn’t keep cluttering your screen with how many Points you earned doing what actions and kept feedback mostly concerned with whether you killed or hit the enemy you were shooting at.

    This, along with the combat badges that occasionally flash and block the capture counter that you maybe desperately looking at, would perhaps be too intrusive for people who prefer not to be reminded, that yes infact you DO get more points capturing, since they may already know such a thing and do not need an annoyingly helpful, neon-lit carrot swung into their face to prod them forward.

    Perhaps the importance of capturing points can be hammered in by inserting a capture point into First Blood instead? Even before one is directed to pick up a weapon from the crates, you can have a capture point in the small courtyard and direct players to stand near the radio.

  16. haghaghaghag04-08-2014

    Don’t know if I will like more messages and icons floating around … but the thief badges are a funnny addition :-)

  17. dzrulkdzrulk04-09-2014

    Some thoughts about tankers…
    Since when does a tanker need to cap a point while another guy is around? Shouldn’t he support the capture with his tank? And if he is alone attacking/defending a line, is there any chance in this world he can do it by himself? If we want to have tankers do everything why not go underwater, put charges, fly away and detonate them from space.. now that’s a cool feature and I’m pretty sure that’s on a tankers mind when he decides to hide in armor for the whole game on an unreachable hill. TANKS ARE SUPPORT VEHICLES.
    Badges for tankers are Gunner and Tanker. You get them while operating IN a tank and we all agree this is good because that’s the natural position for a tanker… Why on earth are you prompting a tanker to get out? I don’t get it, it’s not consistent with the rest of the game as a whole.

    For the HUD I agree with yin. Minimal is the way to go. Simple and (*looking up dictionary*) informative.
    “Shiny” stuff -> Younger ages, Concrete game -> Not so young :) (guess who earns more money)

    Very good job on anything else in Oster, looking forward to check them out.
    (off topic: This game will never reach its goal without voice communication between the players)

    • dzrulkdzrulk04-09-2014

      wow.. that became really long really fast :P

  18. Viper9Viper904-09-2014

    This is awesome. Please consider this: newbie players will now have the incentive to capture a point. But they get very confused when enemy has more defense lines. They do not know which defense line to attack. If you could make it somehow clear and obvious for them that they need to go for Church, Police station, Train Station, Fuel depot. Many times I have to scream in chat: Nooo come back here do not go for this line it is not our objective

    • yinmastahyinmastah04-09-2014

      Exactly THIS is the reason why Reto should have come up with a decent tutorial instead of just simply cramping lots of usless info on the HUD (is so, make it optional at least!!, we are not ALL noobs). This has been suggested a zillion times on the forum which Reto obviously does not read.

      Each built i’ve experienced, Reto seems to add/change things that absolutely had no priority according most of their audience nor did it make any sense at all nor helped improving the gameplay. Just to mention a few:
      New mountain map? Hardly anyone likes it except ,perhaps, random players such as vengeice.
      New horn sound on truck.
      Adding non usable rowing boats on mountain map.
      Adding a sink/toilet on airfield map.
      Giving us mechanized recon when GE needs a decent tank (Panther) and US needs a decent fighter.
      Instead of replacing the noobish Mg42 (which normally required two soldiers to operate, 1 carrying the ammo box) which turns any user in Rambo, they just add a SECOND mg.
      Instead of replacing the panzerfaust they just add an extra AT weapon.
      Instead of making spawncamping impossible (invisible wall, suicide kill penalty, rotating spawn point), they add more objects and houses to camp behind/in and thus encouraging spawncamping.
      Still neglecting use of multiple accounts instead of introducing a GUID system. (More accounts means more AT’s means means higher server load thus more performance issues…)

      Basically reinventing the wheel while in the past there were many good FPS games already build.

      • PjosipPjosip04-09-2014

        Yes, make a tutorial and than remake it every month when new things come :)

    • PjosipPjosip04-09-2014

      There already is a list of mission objectives in the top left corner.
      I think they should be glowing ot something to be more noticable.

  19. xjuliussxxjuliussx04-10-2014

    “random players such as vengeice” rofl on this. and second, yes the HUD is anoying and in center of the screen and your shooting crosshair, denying you to see incoming targets fast. When you capping church/police, the cap message is in center, anoying.
    Second account of vengeice, should be random-venge. lol~! to be noted, he is one of the BEST TEAM players i ever meet in this game. Good luck with trolling that, yingyangstamch

    • yinmastahyinmastah04-10-2014

      *cough* i quote:
      “Also as someone who mainly plays random battles…”

      /rofl that julius.

      But it’s ok, English is not your main language looking at the use of Google Translator. ;)

      • halvadakis2012halvadakis201204-10-2014

        Yin my man!!!Agree 100% with ya.Sir Ivanhoe :)

  20. CrazyFPSEricCrazyFPSEric04-10-2014

    Nobody’s gonna steal my jeep now.

  21. magnumxavengermagnumxavenger04-11-2014

    Am I the only one that fight the hit messages really annoying?

  22. MaulincioMaulincio04-16-2014

    WHY?! Stupidest thing in the game. If you dont want to make your car stolen, just stay in it! ITS STUPID! STUPID!

  23. Dev74Dev7404-30-2014

    There is one aspect of the Oster update that irritates me: This is the way the weapon suddenly floats up to the left about 45 degrees. At first, I thought it was my mouse causing this… No, Hmm! could it be the keyboard… No, Ah, it’s a bug in the game… No. Then I discovered that it was intentional. One of the many annoying things in games is when the control is taken out of the gamers hands, and the computer takes over. This – for me – destroys the sense of being able to suspend belief. Every time the damn weapon sways up to the left it reminds me that I’m not in sole control… why, I’ve even ground down two of my teeth in frustration; I keep wanting to shove my hand in the monitor and yank it back down…. Devs, please think about getting rid of it, as it makes it feel like a console game of two generations ago.

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