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Oster: Sneak Peek Fan Trailer

As you may have seen, we’ve been revealing many details about the upcoming Oster build on the blog over the past couple of weeks, and the response we’ve had so far has been fantastic. Reading about all the exciting things we’re bringing in with the next build is all well and good, but we thought it might be nice to do something a little different and actually show you some of the new features in action!

Before we release a new build, we have a small squadron of loyal soldiers wreaking havoc on our test server, doing their best to break anything and everything they can. It was these grizzled veterans who, along with the help of a couple of our most battle-hardened community members, took on the task of putting together this small teaser trailer to give you a taste of some of the new toys that will soon be arriving on the battlefields.

These behind-the-scenes Heroes did such a good job of it that we decided to release it as an official video on our YouTube channel. Have a look, get excited, then let us know which of the new features coming in Oster that you’re most looking forward to in the comments below.


  1. QwertexQwertex04-07-2014

    OMG update can not wait

  2. MasterTankerMasterTanker04-07-2014

    Those new vehicles looks amazing!!! I HOPE what this build fix at last the HUGE performance issues in the game, yesterday it was lagging so bad as usual, i can run any game in my pc, even online games without lag or framedrops is H&G the only game what i cant play at a decent framerate.

  3. OptimatorOptimator04-07-2014

    Looking good!!!

  4. CurstCurst04-07-2014

    “Can’t get cooler than this” indeed. Although I would also love to see M1 Carbine. Or deeper (wider? higher?) armor AT trees. Or one of the less “mainstream” factions (France, USSR, Japan, etc.). Or some kind of improvement of strategy mode (although since I’m not sure why I don’t find it too interesting right now, I gues I should refrain from asking anyghing… oh wait I already did >_>).

  5. SemperFiSemperFi04-07-2014

    hey that looks REALY NICE
    and cool to see that some
    comes in what we
    Players wait long time ;) THX / GJ

  6. bill wbill w04-07-2014

    Hey devs looking like an awesome update,just asking a little question.will there be any time a fighter/bomber using the system of the tanks and halftracks where you can spawn any time on the plane and be the gunner.A plane id like to see would be the stuka dive bomber.

    Anyway, thanks for the vid devs and hope to see you in game.

    • NevetosNevetos04-07-2014

      Stukas are planned, but a long time away from being implemented. Or not?

  7. tmncutmncu04-07-2014

    look’s nice !

  8. BabylonjokeBabylonjoke04-07-2014

    Outstanding, keep going in this direction Reto! Stop updating the Interface of the game and focus on new features xP

  9. DondergodDondergod04-07-2014

    So if this build comes with a lot of bugs, we can blame the testers? Seeing they wasted their time making this rather than fixing bugs? :P

    • Reto.SplixxenReto.Splixxen04-08-2014

      Testers find the bugs, they don’t fix them ;)

  10. ChrisofIowaChrisofIowa04-08-2014

    Maybe they fixed the bug of a person getting off a jeep or bike and being launched so high in the air.

    • Klofan17Klofan1704-08-2014

      I hope so, this bug is really annoying me.

  11. GregzGregz04-08-2014

    Hello !

    Looking forward to other Nations in the game.


  12. -Ger-Schilli-Ger-Schilli04-08-2014

    Looks awesome ! Now that you can see your own legs the game reached the ligue of high quality of small details !

  13. Klofan17Klofan1704-08-2014

    Will there be a possibily to have at least Kar98k or G43 on my paratrooper or you will still have only knife/grenades ?

    And, little question, will there be StG 44 in this game ? :/

  14. SQPDSQPD04-12-2014

    lol Reto-Motor Oil

  15. koigunskoiguns04-13-2014

    The only issue I have with this build is that all the weapons’ ironsights don’t look to right. I like the old ironsights better. The old ones were more realistic and easier to aim with, as this ironsights make targeting an enemy’s body or head, impossible.

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