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Oster Feature: Firearm Tweaks & Buffed Grenades

Yesterday we gave you a glimpse of the new character iteration which will improve the realism when aiming your weapon in the Oster build. This will have a noticeable impact on the dynamics of firefights, but it won’t be the only thing that changes when it comes to weapon simulations. Our game design team has gone through the weapon range and damage values, and made some adjustments. In addition, grenades have been made more deadly!

Damage and Range

Let’s begin with the biggest news: most of the veterans among you will be happy to hear that, starting in Oster, it will no longer be possible to modify a semi-automatic rifle into a one-shot-kill weapon. In other words, the M1 Garand and the Gewehr 43, even fitted with the most powerful weapon modifications, will not kill with a single shot to the body anymore. This has been achieved by reducing these rifle’s base damage a little, and adjusting for range.

Only a maxed out bolt-action rifle (Kar 98 or M1903) will still have the potential to inflict one-shot kills. However, the gold Heavy Set combat badge will negate the extra damage dealt out by a one-shot-kill BA rifle, just enough so that you can survive the first shot (unless it’s a headshot, of course). On a related note, our action devs also fixed a bug which cancelled the weapon damage falloff over range for some weapons.

Damage falloff? Was ist das? Well, without getting into details (because it’s Friday), weapons have a certain range beyond which the damage inflicted by their bullets begins to decrease as the distance increases. For close combat weapons like pistols and SMGs, this means short range (roughly 30 m). Semi-auto rifles and LMGs are medium-range weapons and deal maximum damage up to approximately 100 m. Bolt-action and sniper rifles do not incur damage falloff until 200 m. These differences will become more apparent in Oster.

Fire in the Hole!

What about grenades, you ask? We have cool news here too: we programmed a new way to calculate how grenades damage their targets. In Oster, when a grenade explodes, it doesn’t just affect a certain radius. It also takes obstacles into consideration, so a grenade will only hurt you if there is a direct line of sight between the flying shrapnel and you. And you will want to take cover: grenades now kill at a greater range! So when you need to clear a room, you’ll know what to use…

On the other hand, we have somewhat reduced the damage dealt to infantry by anti-tank weapons, and starting in Oster they can only be fired in aim mode. This goes for the Panzerfaust, the Bazooka and the Panzerschreck.

Stay tuned for more Oster features!

  1. kramoskramos04-04-2014

    Looking great, excited for the bullet drop off and the removal of one shot kill body shots, can’t wait for the release of Oster build. :)

  2. zerov25zerov2504-04-2014

    o-oh glab my k98s wasn’t effect by the mods at all!!


    This has to be hands down the best build yet…
    You guys never fail to impress :P

  4. SemperFiSemperFi04-04-2014

    the last 4-5 NEWS looks realy Interisting
    and good Ideas are too in
    what loong time some want/wait fore :D GJ

  5. CurstCurst04-04-2014

    At the long last those semi-auto one-shot-kill atrocities are going to get fixed. And new details keep rolling in. My God, is this Oster build or Heroes & Generals 2.0? :D

  6. JarBoboJarBobo04-04-2014

    I think they should also add that assault teams don’t loose resources until the player using them dies.

    • goderiangoderian04-04-2014

      Yeah, that`s really embarrassing,when you are having a heavy tank AT or other expensive ATs…

      • DondergodDondergod04-04-2014

        That is actually already the case. Been for quite a while now.

        They get detracted, but I think everything that survived gets readded to the unit in the end.

  7. NoceboFRNoceboFR04-04-2014

    Maybe I’ll reinstall the game.

    • TolicTolic04-05-2014

      Same here. Waiting for FPS fix and I’m returning back, these new updates are kicking ass.

  8. KangaKanga04-05-2014

    Looking forward to more variety with alternative weapons in the game! :)

  9. GerhachtGerhacht04-05-2014

    Really? Finally you guys decide to make different battle roles of weapons (re)implemented to H&G. GJ! The harder it is to Play the allinone rambo stylish jumpin rabbit, the better the FPS part is.

    Now guys, whats about some RTS mechanics to bring in decent improvements for the Generals?

  10. aufar100aufar10004-05-2014

    Sad. Since it is easy to get Heavy Set Gold. Now the Max out modification is useless Bolt-Rifle :/

    • kalashnjkovkalashnjkov04-05-2014

      I just want to shoot faster with my bolt action rifle. Have u ever heard of a term called “Mad minute” ?

      • aufar100aufar10004-06-2014

        Yeah i heard it.
        But for some player efficiency is the best.

        • JinppaJinppa04-06-2014

          Want efficiency? Aim for the head!

          • aufar100aufar10004-07-2014

            You knew what i meant Jinppa ;).

  11. DanielKenwayDanielKenway04-05-2014

    I have a problem with my Tanker because It says I should get the Thomson but I didn’t now I can only wield a knife as my primary this is really annoying me when I lose my tank all I have for defense is a knife. Also could you add bayonets to the guns I see holders for them on the M1 and Gewehr so does that mean maybe soon we will get another melee weapon besides the knife and on one of the descriptions for I think the Germans knife it says its a bayonet so. Ya that’s all I have to say.

    • DanielKenwayDanielKenway04-05-2014

      Sorry if this has nothing to do with this part of the build

  12. FreddeN93FreddeN9304-05-2014

    I wish we could get an estimate when Oster will go live. If there’s anything I hate, it’s teasers without any release information. “It’ll come when it’s done” — Sure, but could that be next year, or tomorrow?

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300004-09-2014

      VERY soon… Work work work.. Polish, shine, squash bug!

  13. kalashnjkovkalashnjkov04-06-2014

    Please fix tank camping, tank stick and shoot stably on the slope of a 45+ degree is one of worst things are ruinning this game. I hate to see everyone use this dirty trick in mountain map.

  14. iPenetratoriPenetrator04-06-2014

    If in this assembly will be corrected colision objects it will be the best thing you’ve done lately!
    We love you RETO

  15. CrazyFPSEricCrazyFPSEric04-06-2014

    And now I should focus on improve my Garand’s precision and stability. Also, finally the Jerries can’t pull out their Panzerfaust and take me out

    • infidel666infidel66604-07-2014

      same goes for allies with zooka’s

    • aufar100aufar10004-07-2014

      Lol. Why people find this Faust and Bazzooka very annoying things??
      I found this pretty challenging :)

      • infidel666infidel66604-10-2014

        It is when they survive faust direct hit or under their feet(few times i fausted myself after firing at allied dude 2-3m away but he survives somehow) but i never survived zooka direct hit or close to me(2-3m)… its not annoying at all.

  16. DerTiejaDerTieja04-07-2014

    Will you update the values of the Weapons on Wiki?

  17. HadesDurinHadesDurin04-09-2014

    this grenades in additionally spawnhouses guaratees multi spawnkills
    grenade in the house thrown and all in it are dead…muhahaha
    retro you know how to improve spawnkilling :-)

  18. BaumhauserBaumhauser04-10-2014

    First of i would like to say; i like this game and where its heading to. But after reading your new weaponmodifications, i have a scary feeling:
    If a boltaction isnt one hit kill, whats the point of it? There are so many disadvantages compared to semiauto-weapons.
    If i have to hit twice with my bolt-action, it is the same as a semiauto (also two hits), wich shoots way faster. I think eventually nobody will use the bolt-action because it will have no (or very little) benefits.
    Maybe a few players use it for distange, wich doesnt happens much. Most shots will be made in 50-100-150 m.
    Please Reto reconsider the damagereduction of boltactions. For me, it is THE biggest reason i play your game and not another ”run-bunnyhop-and-spray”-game like battlefield or (dare i say) COD.

    • gunja7gunja704-25-2014

      I’ve been playing multiplayer shooters game now for more then 25 years and I totally agree with Baumhauser

  19. able6able604-10-2014

    Great game. Excited about the changes. I think its great if we can use this to stop the guys with the aim bots. Some of us play not using the cheats. Very cool!

  20. gunja7gunja704-25-2014

    Great Game , Thank you Guys,
    ONE THING you need to address asap is spwan protection especially for tanks !
    Some players will fly over spwan and bomb your tank soon as you spwan or
    get close enough with a tiger and just kill you instantly .
    ive seen some guys that will sneak in to a spwan point where there is a bazooka crate,
    pick it up, hide and shoot your tank with it soon as you spwan.
    pleas fix it . again THANKS FOR GREAT GAME !!!

  21. gunja7gunja704-25-2014

    few more things …
    1). What the deal with AA gun ? I could never shoot down a plain or seen any one actually do it , plus how can you get more ammo after it runs out ? same with tanks where you get more ammo for it ? how you resupply ?
    2). I sneak behind one guy, shot and hit him with my colt 3 times it didn’t kill him , he had time to turn around jump in the air and shoot me with a German bazooka while jumping from 5 meters at my feet I died and nothing happened to him .. come on, really ? is this realistic ?

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