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Oster Features: Anti-Spawncamping Map Design

The Oster build is drawing near, but there are still cool new features we haven’t shown you! Besides introducing Mechanized Recon ATs, supply crates on cars, new weapons, a new career selection menu, the Oster build also features several interesting new map tweaks.

We’ve already covered the new buildings you will find on the Airfield map, but now comes something that was widely requested by our community: redesigned access points on the Hill Skirmish and Forest Skirmish maps. Our level design team took on the challenge of finding a way to reduce the amount of spawncamping in skirmish battles without having to completely re-write the existing game mode. The result is a combination of new buildings, new landscaping, new terrain props and rearranged spawn points, which should make it much less comfortable for lazy campers to just sit around the access points, waiting to shoot enemies as they appear.

Camp This!

The picture above was taken at the access point near C, on the Forest Skirmish map. You’ll notice two new things: in the foreground, a tree fence which serves both to block the view from the outer forest and to provide cover from tanks camping up the road; and in the background, a nice big rustic house across the road from the ruins. That’s right, now there’s two buildings, each with spawn points. That’s a lot of doors and windows to watch, and it gives deploying soldiers the element of surprise. All access points now share this feature, in one configuration or another. There are some variations: for example, near A in the Forest Skirmish map, the house and the ruins are not directly across from each other, as you can see below.

The access point near C, on the Hill Skirmish map, has the ruins and the house on the same side of the road. We’ve added rows of sandbags and removed some of the spawncampers’ favorite trees.

If the enemy sends in tanks, you’ll find boxes with anti-tank weapons in both the house and the ruins, at every access point. And remember, killing tanks is easier when you’re shooting down from the top floor!

Stay tuned for more Oster features!


    i can wait to play in the new built….but i’ll be glad to know when? :D

    • NevetosNevetos04-02-2014

      It’ll come when its done. :P

  2. deathmachineptdeathmachinept04-01-2014

    Thumbs up, I’m happy you choose better level design over rewriting new game mechanics, the invisible timer was already enough of a buff think this will make easy camping more hard, can’t wait to try it.

  3. deathmachineptdeathmachinept04-01-2014

    Btw don’t need to rush this build make it polished to have open beta quality.

    • Reto.VashuReto.Vashu04-01-2014

      Thanks for understanding :)

  4. FontanFontan04-01-2014

    Finally…getting to the roots. Good Job.

  5. Pvt_LarryPvt_Larry04-01-2014

    That spawn looks like a good place for an Alamo. Just call me Davy Crockett.

  6. NevetosNevetos04-02-2014

    I hope that there will be a spawn point in the top roof, where the guy is shooting the faust, otherwise the enemy can just camp up there and shoot people going up the ladder:/

  7. ChrisofIowaChrisofIowa04-02-2014

    Yes, now is the end of enemy tank spawn camping my spawn.

  8. dzrulkdzrulk04-02-2014

    I ‘ve never been a fan of spawncamping myself and always raged at fellow soldiers doing it, but this new point layout just makes me wanna try it! Looks like spawncamping now is ethical due to even odds between the camper and the camped. Is it just me? Are we gonna see organized tactics with attacks on the spawnpoints? People covering all the exits and the like? We ‘ll see…

    • Reto.GargamelReto.Gargamel04-02-2014

      The goal is to make it a Bad Idea™ to spawncamp, from a purely practical standpoint. I’ve already seen entire squads of coordinated spawncampers doing nothing else for the entire match, claiming “it’s the only way to win”. The new design aims to prove this perception wrong by putting campers at a disadvantage. We want them to be uncertain of where the enemy will appear and what he will do. We try to accomplish this by giving the deploying soldiers more choices: they can leave the access point from a different side, use the newly added cover to sneak past the camper and go straight for the objectives, or climb on the roof to spot the nuisance and put a new ventilation hole through his helmet.

  9. HowAboutHowAbout04-02-2014

    brilliant! just so brilliant!

  10. DanielKenwayDanielKenway04-03-2014

    This will be one of the best builds I have seen from you so far. I also notice that to me at least there is some detailing with the buildings and vehicles along with graphical changes. I would also like to know if you will add the Eastern Front or Italian Front? I ask this because I notice that the map goes on past Germany and France and into the Russian territory. One last question will you add the BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) for the Americans along with the German Sturmgewher 45 also a automatic rifle.

    • NevetosNevetos04-03-2014

      I can answer that as well ;) (or at least I think i can…) New fronts will come once the current front (GE vs US) is fully functional, i.e. no bugs, -Reto form of- balanced and I believe they only want to introduce it once the game goes out of beta (full version). Secondly, the M1918 (BAR) will be a ‘LMG’ and competing against the MG34 even though they aren’t technically supposed to be the same… Sorry No STG 45 in this build.

      • DanielKenwayDanielKenway04-03-2014

        Thanks well…. sort of.

        • NevetosNevetos04-04-2014

          Sort of? :(

          • DanielKenwayDanielKenway04-04-2014

            Yes sort of because well because you said I least I think I can so… I guess that would be the right answer right?

  11. HadesDurinHadesDurin04-03-2014

    First i haven’t read all comments until now…
    Second the idea is nice with the house at the spawn, but it do not protect tank drivers and people spawning with vehicles and most spawnkiller i face have no fear to get into the spawn ruins and use a panzerfaust to kill you or the use a sniper rifle to kill you in the vehicle so, the idea is nice, but will not help with spawncamping.
    The only thing that will help is to have a instant death zone for enemy troops and a not kill able spawnzone, sounds hard but spawnkillers are mostly doing it to have fun doing it and ruin other players game feeling.

    • Reto.GargamelReto.Gargamel04-03-2014

      I can’t give away too many details, but the vehicle spawns have also been moved ;)

      • DondergodDondergod04-03-2014

        So they spawn in the air now? And then they paradrop in somewhere random on the map so they cannot get spawncamped?

    • Reto.CircinusReto.Circinus04-04-2014

      Not to mention that tankers will now spawn inside their tank again and not in commander hatch. This gives better protection.

      • NevetosNevetos04-05-2014

        I don’t think that matters, most tankers will go back out of their hatch to drive away :/

  12. boosterxhuntingboosterxhunting04-04-2014

    If a enemy comes into the spawn building they can camp in it basically we still have to eliminate the enemy’s who enter spawn.

  13. LaudanLaudan04-04-2014

    What Hades is saying is correct….but lets give it a try…..we will never get lost of spawncampers, i believe the only way is radius of 300m from which shots into a spawn ( or out of it ) shouldnt do any damage ( in skirmishes permanently and in other maps till this is the last point on the capping line )


    • NevetosNevetos04-05-2014

      And then how are we supposed to cap the last point, when we cant fire at enemies trying to stop us (i’m talking about the maps other than skirmishes?

      • LaudanLaudan04-05-2014

        I didnt knew my English is so bad. Nevetos, pls read last 10 words in the final bracket


    • infidel666infidel66604-07-2014

      Or just make spawn point like BF….let say 300sqm(could be less or more cause its developers decisions to make it bigger or smaller) & if enemy soldier enter it,he/she have 10 sec(could be 5 instead of 10) to leave or you get killed & take away some xp/wf/money/k/d ratio from him as a punishment(let say going -2 kill’s plus -1000wf/money for each time he/she comes to spawn) & keep increasing xp/wf/money/k/d ratio loss each time they come to spawn.That way they could come 1-3 times & when they see how much they are loosing instead of gaining they will stop doing that…..hopefully.

      • infidel666infidel66604-07-2014

        plus each time they get killed by game for tryin to spawn kill decrease their redeploy time…let say x2

    • yinmastahyinmastah04-11-2014

      No Lauden, we shouldn’t give it anymore “tries”. The solutions are simple and proposed a zillion of times by some players in here that actually do know how a game should work.

      Reto should stop being so stubborn and listen to them. The only thing that works is either preventing enemies being able to come close to spawn (make spawnarea outside of combat zone) or implement an instant suicide kill penalty.

      Its no f*ucking rocket science but pure marketing and money. They do not want to exclude players from this game that can’t do shit but spawncamping and actually like it so much the keep playing this game and thus they are willing to pay for it. And as long as they pay, Reto and bunch simply accepts the fact that the fair and sophisticated players get frustrated over it.

      I went to give spawnkilling a try yesterday and these houses are nothing more than a welcom addition to spawncampers since you simply camp on the attic with a mg and rape the crap out everyone. Also you can easily shoot down tankers from there who will STILL SPAWN WITH HEADS OUTSIDE TANK.

      Besides financial facts, i dont think the Devs. even have a clear view of their own game and what is going on in there. Eventually this will be their own downfall. Trust me on this, happend before on lots of other wannabe developers.

      One poll asking for suicide kill of spawncampers should be enough and we can end this useless discussion. Period.

  14. HadesDurinHadesDurin04-09-2014

    second reply:
    the house idea is stupid at spawns,
    because when i spawnkill you i throw grenades in it and boom you are dead…multi kill
    and there is no defence then….
    you have a big hole in the house so easy killing guarateed with grenades

    • yinmastahyinmastah04-11-2014

      Or they other way around, when the team that gets spawncamped tries to clear that same house where a spawncamper is hiding in…
      You simply hear the grenade being thrown in and by the time the thrower realizes the grenade exploded i, for example, already got out of the house and raped the sh*t out of him and go back inside again.

      How this is possible? Because there is so many randoms on this game that lack gaming intelligence so one of the few good players around there that decides to spawnkill can do so for over a long period of time.

      Only took me less than 10 minutes to get 30 kills on a single ammo round with the BAR rifle.

      So much for these “Genius” counter measures they came up with..

  15. HadesDurinHadesDurin04-09-2014

    and second is i can fire he shells in the house with a tank from far away where the zooka or panzerfaust or panzerschreck will not hit me
    the more i think about this, the more things i get for better spawnkilling

  16. LaudanLaudan04-12-2014

    Granades and HE shells….and multiplied numbers on a scoreboard….the kids will hunt 1000 points ego-trip with spawnkilling into a house on skirmishes….I will skip them from O-patch on…ups, but I am using MM…..


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