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Oster Feature: Mechanized Recon Assault Team

So we’ve talked about mobile supply crates, new weapons, a new career selection menu and new map features. How about a little something for the strategy game now? Generals, good news: you will have a new toy at your disposal! When Oster hits the servers you will be able to unlock 3-star Mechanized Recon Assault Teams. Just how awesome are they? Read on to find out!

Bring It

Reconnaissance units are much more than mere “sniper” squads. Their main purpose is to move ahead of the area controlled by friendly forces and gather information on the enemy. Sometimes they do this by observing, sometimes by engaging the enemy and getting him to return fire and so reveal his position.

If you’re sending out your Recon in an area where heavy opposition is expected, you might want your boys to bring more than just a scoped rifle. Maybe they shouldn’t just be riding motorcycles either. Maybe you would prefer your Recon soldiers to be driving around in… armored cars!

Maybe Mechanized Recon is what you need, then! Because each Mechanized Recon AT rides into battle with 8 SdKfz 222 (Wehrmacht) or M8 Greyhound (US Army) light armored cars. The SdKfz 222 comes equipped with a vicious 20mm KwK 30 autocannon and a trusty MG 34. The Greyhound packs the same firepower as the M5A1 Stuart light tank: a 37mm M6 L53 cannon, and a M1919A4 machine gun. This gives your Recon unit better fighting odds. But the best thing about the Mechanized Recon, from a strategic point of view, is…

Visibility Range

When we introduced the fog of war in the Manstein build, we published a list of AT visibility ranges. Visibility range represents how far a unit can see through the “fog”. A basic Recon Assault Team has, for example, has a value of 2, which means that 2 map squares are made visible in every direction around the unit’s current square, thus encompassing a 5×5 grid. Motorized Recon can reveal a 7×7 grid (range = 3). A Mechanized Recon unit has a vision range of 4, which is the highest value in the game and reveals a 9×9 grid!

As you can observe in the example above, a Mechanized Recon AT stationed in Caen can see all troop movements in Normandy, all the way to Rouen in the east and Cherbourg in the west. Aren’t you glad you started leveling up that Guard AT now?

Stay tuned for more Oster features!


    looking forward to riding one of these armored beasts into battle :D

  2. wolfgang.ferberwolfgang.ferber03-27-2014

    looking forward to destroy one of these armored beasts ;)

  3. DondergodDondergod03-27-2014

    Yeah, I will also only be killing them.
    Every battle has stuarts and shermans and pershings for me to drive in, why should I bother with this tiny car?

    I might upgrade them though, seeing they give more range. But not for the armoured cars.

    No limited supply = no use for these vehicles.

    • GerhachtGerhacht03-29-2014

      You nailed the issue donder! ;)

  4. zerov25zerov2503-27-2014

    this is a candy for me < 3 will 100% sure try this type of AT and gonna upgrade mine aswell, is also nice if you spot a tank you can either tell location or just trade shells with him.

  5. EvoThalEvoThal03-27-2014

    Finally! some positive news. Players who choose recon ats gets theirs reward^ ^

  6. royalscotsrmwayneroyalscotsrmwayne03-27-2014

    M8 for scout…. are u sure mate? That thing could almost compete with PzII…..

  7. deathmachineptdeathmachinept03-27-2014

    Hope the 222 is balance gameplay wise because the right balance unit vs the M8 would be the Puma scout car, since the M8 has the Stuart M5 Gun which has excellent armor penetration capabilities.

  8. JarBoboJarBobo03-27-2014

    i was looking forward to driving the m8 greyhound

  9. SQPDSQPD03-28-2014

    There should be a MG gunner’s seat. In one of R Lee Ermey’s Lock ‘n Load episodes, he used a top mounted M2 which is normal for the M8. But that would mean the SdKfz 222 would need and MG gunner seat too.

  10. infidel666infidel66603-29-2014

    so basicaly you implement another stuart vs pz 1…..just another look…..what a balance.
    How about adding King Tiger or Jagdpanther or panther?
    ohhh wait yeah it ruins allied balance if implemented cause they didnt have counter thats what most of allies would say & response is You already have counter & it’s called Pershing

  11. Otto_Von_StierlitzOtto_Von_Stierlitz03-29-2014

    Man, don’t grumble already, despite the fact that greyhound has 37mm gun, it is STILL APC, thus can be destroyed by Pz 1 (and SdKfz 222) in no time. What really matters is the skill – skilled recon on greyhound would probably kill entire noob Pz1 (and, maybe, PzIII) team, as well as skilled player on Pz1 won’t give a chance to newbies on greyhounds.

    • infidel666infidel66604-05-2014

      yeah same as stui vs pz1 ….every noob in stui can destroy pz 1 with ease but germans needs skill…lol
      I love this balance where allies can give their tank to noobs(dont know why not add puma vs greyhound oohh yeah its op compared to greyhound) while ours have to be driven by vets to have any impact

      • infidel666infidel66604-05-2014

        other words you have to sweat your ass or flank to kill them….funny i think that was allied job in ww2.
        This is becoming another wot

  12. RichFriendRichFriend03-30-2014

    In the last image, you can almost see the shape of a Panther in the backround.

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