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Oster Feature: Supply Crates on Autos

Yes, that is correct, we are talking about vehicles equipped with first-aid / ammo boxes. In the Oster build, Motorized Infantry squads will deploy with these goodies. So not only can you look forward to new machine guns, more career flexibility and new buildings, but on top of that you will soon be able to heal and resupply your friends… if you manage to reach them through the storm of bullets.

First Aid

Supply crates are a rare commodity on the battlefield, and when an enemy tank is not sitting on them like a dragon on a pile of treasure, too often a sniper is waiting nearby to ambush you when you’re most vulnerable. If you are on unfamiliar terrain, there is no telling how far you will have to travel before you see another health box.

Imagine how different things would be if you suddenly had the ability to drive around with a supply box! Well, that’s exactly what is coming soon in the Oster build. The German Kübelwagen and the US 4×4 will be mounted with supply crates, making them more than just a quick way to get from point A to point B!

This apparently small change opens the door to new tactics: for anti-tank infantry, this means the possibility of reloading your bazooka or panzerschreck while you are hunting heavy tanks out in the wilderness. For the regular rifleman, this means you can patch up your wounds before moving on to the next objective. This also makes stealing enemy trucks much more interesting…

Stay tuned for more Oster features!

  1. DerTiejaDerTieja03-25-2014

    It sounds good, but if I heard that normal infantries can drive with a car like this behind enemy line and can kill so match enemy tanks they want without supply problems…I mean a car will be a very powerful weapon after the Oster Build…
    In addition I read that it should also be possible to resupply the mines as well. So I can drive to behind the enemy lines carrying only mines and I can drop them over all and get new one from my car… :o

    • Reto.GargamelReto.Gargamel03-25-2014

      About anti-tank warfare:
      Hunting tanks with just a car and a bazooka is fairly dangerous, as the car offers zero protection against AP shells. In the current build, the only advantage of cars is speed. In Oster we are adding the possibility to resupply your bazooka on the spot… BUT that means stopping and getting out of the car. Tank sees car = game over. It’s only a powerful weapon if you are clever at avoiding detection.

      I could also argue that a Tanker who picks a position where his vision is limited and he can’t see a car coming will always be in danger, supply box or no supply box. This is why the best tactic is to have a tank with an infantry escort who can be its eyes and ears, and sometimes claws!

      About mines:
      In Oster you can only resupply mines from supply crates *up to the amount you have in your inventory*. Basically, the only change is that you no longer need to die to get new mines, but you are still limited as to how many you can use in one battle.

      • DerTiejaDerTieja03-25-2014

        Yes i know that i can only carry the same amount of mines. But now i can drive do the tank sporn points and drop my mines. After that i drive behind a hill , resupply and wait until one tank drive over my miens. Than i can drop same new one in the near or at the same place. And the tanker can’t do anything…
        they will sporn and explode infect of the mines and if the tanker wont drive into my mines and look auf of the tower to have a better view I can easily shoot hin down.

        i think this update will be responsible for a lot of more and much easier tank kills as in any previous Builds…


    this may just be me, but the graphics look slightly improved too

  3. EvoThalEvoThal03-25-2014

    Great news hahaha. Now most tankers get k/d ratio near 1/1 I dont wanna know how things will change with this new idea.
    RAMBOS era coming!!!


      Haven’t we always had Rambos?
      obviously the “noob” tankers will be easy pickings for the veteran tank hunters… but i would argue that they always have been.
      Experienced tankers on the other hand usually always come out with nice 40-12 k/d ratios so i wouldn’t worry about this ammocrate feature too much

      • EvoThalEvoThal03-25-2014

        Yes but how you get 40-12 ratio? to camping 500 metres away. Fun ass hell
        Now we get not only rambos but rambos with batmobile!!

  4. aufar100aufar10003-25-2014

    I hope it will have a different button beside press E. imagine you want to ride the vehicle and you cant get ride in

  5. deathmachineptdeathmachinept03-25-2014

    Think this is a good feature I myself wanted that on APCs, not sure about cars though since speed is already a major advantage plus the fact that they can spawn on all objectives.

    Tanks will need some improvements like right mouse button for turret lmg, historical turret traversing speeds, tank rotating speeds & accelarations and some tanks HE rounds need to be improve in blast area.

  6. djopadjopa03-25-2014


  7. SQPDSQPD03-25-2014

    meh, I kinda wanted an infantry carried supply crate that takes up 7 inventory slots.

  8. Chuk4aChuk4a03-26-2014

    Very good. When you modify a sniper rifle?
    Bullet velocity is very low – it’s not realistic!
    At 98k Mauser bullet velocity was 900 m / s
    Even PzKpfw VI Tiger velocity of the projectile was 810 m / s

  9. DerTiejaDerTieja03-26-2014

    Maybe it will be better, if you but the supply box on some tanks. Those will lead the infantry to protect the tank during their healing.
    (The Tanks have now some brown boxes at their amore, maybe this one could be replaced.)
    Much better I think and it doesn’t destroy the game play.

    What did you say PLAYERS and RETO?

    • djopadjopa03-26-2014

      good idea.

    • RichFriendRichFriend03-27-2014


  10. The_MarkstaThe_Marksta03-26-2014

    I would have thought that the Mechanized Infantry should have got this, the half-tracks are far less spamy and are already focused on the concept of teamwork.

    I see this idea as it stands as a really good way to discourage teamwork, since players will be more inclined to driving off on their own since they now have the ability to re-gen health and ammo. At least using half-tracks means there are fewer of these mobile health posts and it will encourage teamwork since players are able to spawn in on them. Additionally the slightly slower speed of the half-tracks is far more suited to the mobile base they would represent.

    Another option could be to limit the number of uses for these resupplies. This combined with limiting players to 1 primary weapon would reduce RAMBO tank hunting and the like while encouraging teamwork to destroy the steel beasts.

  11. FullM3talOutlawFullM3talOutlaw03-26-2014

    hmmm why not introduce a logistics side of the game, e.g troop trucks that carry ammo and supplies instead of mounting them onto speedy vehicles, being a royal logistic corps driver myself i understand the importance of supplying troops (and vehicles including AA) a major factor in winning maybe have a main cache on your start point and limited supplies on your truck so you then have to ferrysupplies and troops to the vanguard you could even introduce something where you can make (limited to 2) mini supply dumps for med and ammo and you need to keep these stocked.

    yes? no? just my professional and gaming opinion

    p.s aa needs a supply option as the only way i know of for an aa resupply is to blow it up and wait for it to respawn.

    honi soit qui mal y pense
    “we sustain”

    • FullM3talOutlawFullM3talOutlaw03-26-2014

      just a note on the troop trucks by that i dont mean the half track i mean vehicles like the opel blitz un armed ans very little armour, and NO respawn option this will definitely discourage rambo tactics and give the driver a crapping in their pants feeling when hitting the front line

      honi soit qui mal y pense
      “we sustain”

  12. xjuliussxxjuliussx03-26-2014

    Great improvement of the game, yet need some corrections.

    1.Against the tanks will be over-powered. To hide your jeep in the forest, and to get around and kill the tank, get back to your hidden jeep, resupply your panzerfaust ammo, its over-powered. The jeeps will have to be set up to allow only 1 reload of panzerfaust – around 4-10 panzerfaust ammo, limited ammo. Around only 2 players can reload and kill another 2-3 tanks around that area with the jeep.

    2. The medikit and ammo box from the jeep should be allowed only to resupply a small amount of ammo +health, not to allow for infinite resupply. The tactics and deployments of the teams depends sometimes on the crates of ammo and health-box.

    3. You have to make the ammo-box from the jeep with limited amount of ammo, reto, so this concept not to fail and to work as suposed to work.

    4. Also rewards and give rewards in points for pllayers who risk their lifes to resupply their team-mates. This will encourage teamwork for the new players , specialy for them! +1 for each player who resupply from your jeep and who spawns from your halftrack you spawn it and drive it near objectives.

    • xjuliussxxjuliussx03-26-2014

      Corection: +1 point, if a player spawns inside your mechanized or resupply from your jeep.

      Also, give invunerability around 100m range area around the spawnining area for anyone who spawns, tankers and soldiers. Also invulnerability for 20 seconds for tankers who spawns around mountain map or small village map. This will cancel spawn killers and their high frustration on both teams. I can say, dont be a coward who fights attacking others from the behind, when they spawn, but be a MAN who fights face to face!” Spawnkilling = zero skill , tank stealings at spawn = zero skill.

      • FullM3talOutlawFullM3talOutlaw03-26-2014


        • JarBoboJarBobo03-27-2014

          this guy understands it

    • s0wbears0wbear03-26-2014

      i agree, unlimited supply on every car is way too much

  13. FullM3talOutlawFullM3talOutlaw03-26-2014

    look up i thin my idea for supply is more practical? whats your opinion?

  14. PordyPordy03-26-2014

    Looks great, but still problem the main weapon / bazokka combo…
    Its simple unrealistic and jerk tactic:D

  15. koigunskoiguns04-01-2014

    I don’t know about you guys, but sitting somewhere with a sherman, I can probably smash about 10-12 german panzers without dying. It’s all about where your shells hit the enemy tank, usually enemy tankers seem to hit the wrong spot on me. Armor too thick or impact angle to high…

    • infidel666infidel66604-07-2014

      Yes when noobs are driving it…..last time i played as tanker i destroyed 30+ tanks with 1 Tiger,cause noobs were driving like on damn parade….when vets drive tanks its diff story.

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