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Map Update: New Airfield – Part 3

The airfield map (which we previously discussed in part 2 here and part 1 here) is now about to become a more interesting place to fight. For the next build, we have tweaked it a little to improve the gameplay experience. Come and see what we’re adding in the upcoming Oster build!

Introducing the Nissen Huts

The main novelty we will be introducing to the airfield is a new type of building, the Nissen hut, named after the engineer who invented them, Peter Norman Nissen. These very recognizable half-cylinders of corrugated steel were used by the British military as a cheap, transportable and quickly assembled housing solution. You will find them where the old barracks used to stand, on attack lines B and D. For variety, we have also kept some of the original red buildings. Our level designer has also been creative with the furniture. For example, there is now a briefing room at D2.

We have also moved the radio at B2 indoors, so that capturing it can now no longer be termed a suicide mission. Unless you walk in through the wrong door, of course.

Stay tuned for more Oster features!

  1. iPenetratoriPenetrator03-19-2014

    And of course there are no physical objects, move the desk, chair, drop the phone…

    • Pvt_LarryPvt_Larry03-19-2014

      At least you can break the windows of that one building on airfield.

      • Reto.GargamelReto.Gargamel03-20-2014

        Of course all the windows in the Nissen huts are destructible :) And as you can see, some of them are open and just high enough that you can jump through them.

  2. DerTiejaDerTieja03-19-2014

    When we will get the Oster build?

    • DondergodDondergod03-20-2014

      Already wanted to say this in another topic, but Reto was ahead of me:

      ‘When it’s done’ :D

  3. treglertregler03-19-2014

    when you build a new building. Map update: New Airfield – Part 3
    tomorrow or a week,

  4. Pvt_LarryPvt_Larry03-19-2014

    Airfield map always gets the nice stuff. It’s like the exhibition map.

  5. RichFriendRichFriend03-20-2014

    Love the news RETO.

  6. complejocomplejo03-20-2014


  7. GregzGregz03-20-2014

    Yes, each updating well and forces to play it more!
    But please, to make payment gold in game, on WebMoney system. There are no credit cards at many people.

  8. djopadjopa03-21-2014

    great news for breakable windows, hope they’ll soon be so on every building ingame

  9. BaumhauserBaumhauser04-10-2014

    I would love to see some more bushes, long grass, bassicly more spots to hide. This especially in the woods and moutntains, where it still looks too empty. I do realise the amount of work. so i have patience…

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