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Half the Battle – Finding Friends

It has been a while since the last Half the Battle post, and many new players have joined us since. For those of you who just arrived, here is a warm welcome and a link to the index of all my previous articles. Half the Battle is a blog column which highlights the game’s features for new players, and provides basic gameplay advice, illustrates battle tactics and war strategies. Today I will answer a simple question, which is often asked by our new players: how can I add people to my friends list?


The first thing to do to find your friends is to open the browser chat window. Because your player profile already displays a lot of information, the chat window is minimized by default and needs to be expanded. Look for the radio mast in the bottom-left corner of the screen. You will find the list of channels you have joined, and the list of online users on the left side of the chat window, and additional options at the bottom. Click on Social to view your online friends, and to add more to your list.

Once you are in the Social menu, you can search for player names and add them to your friends list. Online friends will be indicated by a green circle next to their name. Notice that there is also an Ignore button. If there is a player who has a special talent for getting on your nerves and you are tired of reading about his opinions, you can use this function to mute him completely in the chat. Note that you can only perform this from the browser chat window.

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