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Incoming! Panzerschreck

As you might have heard rumours of, a new antitank weapon is making its way from the factories to the fields of battle!

The German panzerschreck!


The Panzerschreck is closer in functionality to the American Bazooka and with new addition we have changed how anti-tank weapons are unlocked.

But first a little about the new weapon. The panzerschreck (like the bazooka) fires a rocket that detonates on impact hopefully (for the user) penetrating the target’s armour and destroying it. The main visible difference between the Bazooka and the Panzerschreck is the blast shield. This is NOT an armored or bulletproof thing to hide behind, but purely a shield to protect from the exhaust of the rocket when it leaves the weapon.

Here is a picture of one of the rockets, taken from our recent excursion to the Armory Museum.


“So HOW do I get my eager hands on this wonderful new toy?” I hear you ask. Well, for now, the Panzerschreck replaces the Panzerfaust for those who have bought it (we thought that was most fair), and the Panzerfaust can now be found in crates around the maps to give everybody else a (small) chance of defeating enemy armored vehicles. The Panzerfaust has been modified to fit its new role, so although it can be utilised by any players willing to dig through crates, it will be a little less powerful than in previous builds.


As you can see above the “Explosives Ribbon” unlocks the Bazooka & Panzerschreck (for US & Germans) respectively (and on a much higher level, lets you use captured enemy weapons), so get those hand grenades flying and blow your enemies up so YOU too can get a chance to launch rockets at those pesky enemy tanks!
NB: The Panzerschreck will be ready in the upcoming build called ‘Oster’ after General Hans Oster.

  1. DondergodDondergod03-17-2014

    Looks nice! can’t wait to steal it from a dead german and use it :P

  2. MasterTankerMasterTanker03-17-2014

    I really miss this game…

    • RU5LANRU5LAN03-17-2014

      algo que nunca me ha gustado es que usan el antitanque para las capturas de los objetivos disparandose a 1 metro, deberia estar muy herido el mismo que lo lanza

  3. JarBoboJarBobo03-17-2014

    thank god the shield doesn’t stop bullets

  4. zazo2002zazo200203-18-2014

    This might be the best build in all of Heroes and Generals

  5. teryl27teryl2703-18-2014

    Panzershreck! Time to un-pimp his ride!

  6. deathmachineptdeathmachinept03-19-2014

    Why make the panzerfaust less powerful? Keep the same damage, make the distance and ballistic drop more realistic and to pick it up players have to drop they main weapon.

    This is more than enough to damped it’s effective on the field, trading an anti-infantry weapon for a panzerfaust will only be effective if you have your enemy right near you since the other team infantry will easily kill the panzerfaust soldier.

    If panzerfaust will be unrealistic nerfed to be a pea shooter better take it out from the game.

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300003-19-2014

      Because the Panserfaust no longer has to compete directly with the Bazooka.

      How weapon pick up works is being modified as well. so please hang on before passing judgment :-)

      • deathmachineptdeathmachinept03-20-2014

        I know sorry but the text should give more the feeling of that everything is suggest to change in this case “Panzerfaust will be continuously adjusted to fit more of a last resort anti-tank weapon” ;)
        For me both should compete to kill tanks not each other :) , panzerfaust should be kept as a very effective close range anti-tank weapon to be used near friendly objectives where enemy tanks are very close by.

        I think contrary to the current form you should only be able to pick up one at the time too.

  7. kalashnjkovkalashnjkov03-19-2014

    I’m curious about the nerfed Faust and i wont agree if the Faust is even weaker than Bazooka. I think Devs can nerf its effective range instead of its damage, the panzefaust 60m should work best within 60m and that is more reasonable than nerfing our faust to 30m version.

  8. ChlodovechChlodovech03-19-2014

    After grenades and mines rockets get added to the enemy can buy them list. Great, is Reto still trying to pretend the game is not red vs blue? A balance between sim and arcade? Yet another update for heroes, while it could perfectly be made a assault team modification, but time already has shown the general game is inferior to the full arcade hero game. And it is just going further down that road.

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300003-19-2014

      Yes, and it is not something we pretend!
      Look at vehicles, tanks, machine guns, etc. We have added a NEW weapon that has been planned for quite a long time and therefore instead of having to identical German AT weapons we can finally move the Panzerfaust to have the functionality planned from early on and be more of the “pickup and use” weapon we haev always wanted it to have.

  9. complejocomplejo03-20-2014

    when you can customize the color and camouflage of tanks and uniforms, WHEN ??????

  10. PordyPordy03-20-2014

    What about game enginge rewrite:P Hit detection is horrible, and if you dont have 120 FPS (1200 dollar need to build that machine…) you cant stand out against the FPS hussars…
    Until the game show 40 FPS and feels like 15, why you concentrate to such updates?
    You will never have big playerbase if only the “rich” peoples can afford the PC what can run smoothly this game…

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300003-20-2014

      We don’t think it is that bad. The machine I am writing this on is 4 years old and was a mid-range box back then. It runs the game just fine.
      There is nothing wrong with hit detection except what the laws of physics impose on us when you are playing with people on the other side of the planet.
      And by the way, if we asked the graphics artists and animators that were mostly responsible for bringing the Panzerschreck in to write the engine I don’t think we would see much of an improvement. :-P

      • PordyPordy03-20-2014

        Okey okey:) You have right, sorry for raging (:
        I have a cool machine but not the best… and very often i can play because 15-20 fps i have only.

        But panzershrek is cool :) I can just admire the animations and models in the game.

        My biggest heartbrake that, too arcade the game for me in this phase.
        If i get a cool weather map, i dont have reason to complain, but you know:D Not the death make crazy the people but the FPS lags and the lags, when you need hit your target sometimes 2-3x more than the necessary:)

  11. SQPDSQPD03-23-2014

    no fausty?

  12. ChrisofIowaChrisofIowa03-27-2014

    WIll it be more powerful than the Bazooka due to it having a larger caliber?

    • infidel666infidel66604-10-2014

      Seriously doubt that….149 mm faust was weaker then 57 mm zooka(2 zookas side or rear dead Tiger while you need 3 faust to kill sherman,3+ for pershing rear or side armor what kind of balance is that?).
      Why do you think shrek is going to be better?
      On the other hand shrek or faust should be 1hk for all allied tanks except pershing(2 shots) or if pershing needs 3+ faust to die then you should put 6+ zooka to kill a tiger

  13. CrazyFPSEricCrazyFPSEric04-10-2014

    That’s not really the thing I expected, I thought the Panzerfaust will remain ingame while the Panzerschreck will be the “more powerful” version of Bazooka

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300004-10-2014

      Panzerfaust will remain in the game, toned down as a weaker weapon – and the new Panzerschreck to match the bazooka.

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