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Fan Spotlight: The Stars and Stripes

Our players create some mightily impressive Heroes & Generals content, particularly in the form of videos. However, today we wanted to draw attention to the efforts of someone who’s been going above and beyond the call of duty to do something a little different.

Whilst browsing through a dark and dusty corner of his local library, Anssi, a veteran of the Allies, came across an old wartime newspaper. He was fascinated to find so much excitement and optimism spilling over in all of the headlines, despite the dark and difficult times in which they were written. Struck by a lightning bolt of inspiration, he decided that this kind of optimism was precisely the thing that his fellow Allies needed to boost their morale and spirits in the face of the inevitable conflict to come. So he took to his computer, enlisted the help of fellow veteran (and photoshop maestro) Kanga to work up the original design, and in early January, “The Stars and Stripes” newspaper was born.

Having gathered pace over the last month or so, “The Stars and Stripes” is now the daily rag of choice for the Allied forces, reporting on the very latest happenings from the battlefields, interviews with Allied veterans and tips and tricks for getting ahead in the game, with loads of fun WW2 stuff thrown in for good measure.

The project is a great testimony to our community, many of whom contribute ideas, articles and pictures to Anssi to make it happen. (It’s beautiful to see what people can achieve when they work together, isn’t it?) If you want to read the latest editions, or even contribute to the paper yourself, head over to this forum thread to find out all about “The Stars and Stripes”.

Anssi, for this bold and ambitious undertaking, and for keeping up the spirits of your brothers in arms, we salute you!

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