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Support site update

We are in the process of updating, changing, adapting and improving how our support site works.

The site has been updated as you can see above, and we want to streamline how support works, answers questions, helps in general etc.

SO if you ever run into trouble with the game; if, for example, your kid brother ate the note with your password on, your dog wrote abusive things in chat that you’d like to apologize for or in all the other cases you need to get a hold of support, you should either type into your browser or click the various links to support we have tried to place around the game, where we felt they made sense. This update means faster response times for players (which is a really good thing when you need support), and we are working on expanding the knowledge base etc. So if you have any questions or have a great idea for improving support, please contact support :-D (Sorry couldn’t resist)

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