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Newgarden Release 3 Is Now Online

The third and final release of the Newgarden update is now live on the servers! With Newgarden introducing so many big changes to the fold (new character progression, badges and ribbons and game UI, to name a few), we’ve been rolling out the features, changes and tweaks over a number of updates to make sure everything settles in nicely, and today marks the final part of that process. This final release has really been focused on fixing and fine-tuning what’s there already, rather than adding big, sexy features, but there are still plenty of new and improved things to get you up to speed with.

New Features

Assault Team Slots Are No Longer Needed

Before, whenever Generals wanted to buy an assault team, they would first have to purchase an assault team slot. With this update, you no longer need to purchase these slots – all players will now have 10 AT slots available to them, making it clearer and easier to work out how far you are from your next AT purchase.

Enter Combat from the Campaign Screen

Back by popular demand, you can now enter combat through the Campaign screen’s mission details again, which we’re sure many of you will be very happy about!

Chat Window Changes

Another thing our community has been asking for, the chat window has been moved to the bottom left of the screen (indicated by a little antenna), and is minimised by default, so you’ll only see chat if you want to. The social tab is also accessed through this window, so head here if you want to check out your friend list too.

Hill Skirmish Map Optimised

On a smaller scale, we’ve optimised the Hill Skirmish Map further, replacing the dense forest outside of the combat area with lighter patches of trees, which should improve graphical performance for everyone. Hooray!

There are of course many more changes, so continue reading for more details…

Minor stuff

Here is a list of some additional features in the final Newgarden build.

  • Fixed collision and textures on all maps! We’ve also added some new vehicle spawns, and props.
  • High Ping missions now display warning window where you can choose to enter the mission or leave it.
  • Added 4 additional bike spawns on the Mountain Town Assault map in the O2 Fuel Depot area. Who doesn’t want more bikes?
  • New geometry for foxholes on Airfield map. Floor is higher and sandbags are higher.
  • The in-game screenshot function (F9) works again!
  • Soldier overview window now has more information about the soldier you’re looking at (Rank, Type icon and name)

For a more detailed changelog take a look here: Changelog on the wiki.

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