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Armory Museum visit

Last Friday we decided to have a quick late-afternoon excursion from HQ and visited Tøjhusmuseet (Danish armory museum), they used to have an English name and homepage as well, but that has apparently disappeared. Whether they just forgot or if it is to confuse foreign spies I don’t know. OOOPS! If it is to confuse spies I guess I shouldn’t write about it in English? Oh, well, here is their homepage:

Apart from looking at cannons and uniforms, we also had a guided tour of the special exhibit about “Denmark’s wars of the last 500 years” (we lost most of them) and we had the chance to get some reference pictures and generally just relax in the presence of an insane amount of weapons.

AND these last 3 images are completely unrelated to the game, but I just HAD to show you this awesome contraption. It is a horse-drawn 37mm cannon-thingie designed for land defence. Horses would move this somewhere and drop it off, a guy would sit inside the contraption and when enemies appeared he would shoot at them from his little box.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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