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Forums are back!

Forums are back, but we have decided to postpone the rollout of the new design until it is ready.

After a couple of days where we’ve had to shut the forums down in order to prepare for the invasion of the new layout, we can say that preparations are in place.
We have done a lot of work on the backend, converted databases, upgraded things, and found and fixed a large number of bugs. While the new website and the new forums look great, the dev team in London needs a bit more time to prepare the new website’s invasion of your monitors.

Imagine! Pieces of code and graphics in landing crafts and small boats making their way across the internet to land on your monitors and bring freedom and.. (YES! YES! ENOUGH ALREADY, Ed.).
Ehm.. Sorry, got carried away a bit there.. Well..

We have all the data we need ready, so when the new version is ready, we DON’T have to shut down the site for very long to migrate and check the data, but can do this MUCH MUCH faster.

NB: We have decided to disable commenting on blog-posts until we can move the site as migrating comments takes a lot of time to do right.

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