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Websites are following in the servers’ footsteps

We are going to move the webservers and content over the weekend and roll out the first version of the new design early next week.

This means that we’ll have to set the forums and the blog comments to read-only as of now, until the new website goes live, so you don’t end up writing witty nuggets of great insight only to have them become lost in the limbo between two webservers.

We will of course keep the game open, so you will have to play the game instead of talking about it :-) If you DO have something to say that is too important to keep to yourself until next week, the ingame chat is still open, our facebook page at is there and should you run into any kind of problems support is standing by with the binary med-packs at

  1. DondergodDondergod01-31-2014

    A weekend without the forums… no… You cannot… I must… I… I… I must make posts. Need to make posts! Need to read… read new posts must read new posts. Give me new posts!!! GIVE ME NEW POSTS!!!!

  2. DondergodDondergod01-31-2014

What are you waiting for soldier? We need heroes on the battlefield and generals to lead them!