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Ready for Fresh Blood?

Pretty soon we’re going to be getting underway with a mammoth undertaking, as we prepare to push the big red button on a range of operations designed to drive greater interest in our special little home we like to call Heroes & Generals.

Which means you lot are going to have lots more people to shoot at.
It involves a big server migration, as we first mentioned earlier this month – but now all the plans are locked down we wanted to share more details, so you can see the scale of the project at hand.
Here’s what we’re improving:

  • Server stability – better hardware means fewer crashes and a smoother experience
  • Security – further safeguards to personal information
  • Performance – particularly on the campaign map… which we’re very happy about
  • Overall scalability – so moah players doesn’t mean moah laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag

The server migration will now be taking place on Monday 27th January 2014. During this migration, the servers will be down for approximately 10-12 hours, starting at around 0900 CET (click here to see when this is in your time zone), so you’ll be unable to play the game during this time.
Looking slightly further ahead, we’ve got a shiny new website waiting in the wings – we’re expecting deployment on Friday 31st and we’re looking forward to bringing everything together in a way that makes it easier to navigate. Here’s a sneak peek to give you an idea of the look and feel of things ahead of the switch:

Following the new site launch, the next part of the plan is a big change to our customer support structure on March 5th, better enabling us to look after soldiers who run into trouble in the line of duty.

So thanks for your ongoing support – there are big, big days ahead for Heroes & Generals, and we’re very glad to have you along for the ride.

  1. MasterTankerMasterTanker01-24-2014

    Ok RETO, first i want to thank you for this:

    – Fixing the mounted machine gun on axis jeep, now it shoot so good!

    – Adding more hit point to light vehicles!! – Thanks now i dont die after hitting a tree in reverse

    – The frame dropping is less now but is deadly when you have 3 fps and fight against 5 allies

    – Now i can feel the difference beetween badges.

    That new site looks so cool! I love this game and 2014 will be the year of H&G.


    • sniper23sniper2301-27-2014

      And fix to flying bug .


    Looking forward to the new H&G
    keep it up

  3. westwickwestwick01-24-2014

    Ok cool I look forward to seeing it.

    Hopefully this next big marketing campaign means fewer unannounced changes to the game that hindered player retention and investment.

    Good luck gentlemen.

  4. -Ger-Schilli-Ger-Schilli01-25-2014

    Wondering if there is a special section for fan videos ^.^

    • IkariiamgodIkariiamgod01-29-2014

      not want your ridiculous and egocentric videos

  5. Caps04Caps0401-25-2014

    Yeah very good news! I love this game! :P

  6. deathmachineptdeathmachinept01-26-2014

    Well I don’t have any problem with the current website hope you have a option to turn on a dark background, I don’t like white websites it hurts my eyes with led monitors.

  7. cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti401-27-2014

    so ready there is not more ready possible

    all best for server move , i hope all will went perfect.

  8. halvadakis2012halvadakis201201-27-2014

    U have done an excellent job in all ways Reto.Keep up the good work.Just fix the campaign map to enter combat:)

  9. wolfy77wolfy7701-27-2014

    |sry for Ger, Me No Speak English|

    Hoffnung ist alles was mir bleibt, scheinbar mögen manche das letzte Update.
    Ich habe so viele neue Bugs. Angefangen beim Ladebildschirm noch mehr auf der Generäle Map und noch viel mehr im FPS Spiel das ich Manstein um ein vielfaches besser empfand. Bin sehr gespannt wie sich mein Lieblingsspiel in Zukunft entwickelt.

    • vizredgevizredge01-28-2014

      hey ich denke, dass alles gut geht im Gespräch mit der Entwicklung des Spiels. mit den Bugs, ich wollte Sie kn ow ive experienceing einer Belastung von Bugs, da vor ein paar Tagen wie dem Fahrrad Glitch, wo Spieler steigen Sie ein Fahrrad und sie gehen in die Luft fliegen zu lassen. Ich denke, alles wird bald besser obwohl sein. Entschuldigung für schlechte germen im nicht sehr gut. eine Möglichkeit, glücklich spielen (:

  10. MasterTankerMasterTanker01-27-2014


    This game is more crappy everyday, sorry 2 frames per second is unbearable, unplayable, annoying…disturbing, sad, this game is so good but is broken, at least for me, many people compains about the “lag”.

    Fix the “Stratosphere Jump” BUG!!! Look at the Proof:

    With the last “update” the problem of FPS get worse. Seriously im having more fun playing game of thrones on facebook with my girlfriend than here at 2 FPS!

    Hope the next update be THE UPDATE.

  11. vizredgevizredge01-28-2014

    yeah i have pretty bad FPS since my download. its not “unplayable” but it sure does make things harder to get kills. it seems no one else has frame drops unlike me, playing at sometimes as low as 3 FPS. i hope this gets fixed soon. great job with the game otherwise, i hope everything with the server move is going great.

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