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Updated Character Controller and Collision Object

In the latest build we have updated the ‘Character Controller’. “What in the world is a character controller?” you might ask, so let me explain!

Below is an image of the character colision object.

The Character Controller is the program code that handles how your character moves around in the world and how your character collides with things like trees, door frames, buildings, mountains etc. This is of course not how impacts such as bullets, explosions, knives are calculated.

Here is a short list of the features the update brings us.

  • Characters slide down when standing on slopes steeper than 49°.
    This eliminates a bunch of exploits related to jumping into trees or climbing almost vertical mountain sides. You can still walk on most rooftops, but anything steeper than that will result in you sliding off.
  • Characters can jump a bit higher.
    This is to avoid instantly sliding off the thing you jumped up on top of (if it is sloped). The resulting effect should be very similar to the previous behaviour and if we discover weird things or unintended consequences we can of course tweak it.
  • Bigger coli capsule.
    The pill-shape shown above. The enlargement limits the areas characters can squeeze into and improves how the graphics looks. This will help avoid characters sticking their heads and arms through walls.
  • Walk/run/sprint speed is lower moving up slopes.
    We have updated how character speed is calculated and lowered the speed with which you can run up steep slopes. We are currently going through the various stairs in the game and updating the collision objects to fit the new controller.

Below are 2 quick screenshots showing the size of the collision when crouching and when prone.

The capsule looks very small when prone, the reason for this is that it is used to control where you can go and as earlier mentioned NOT to calculate what happens if you are hit by bullets. When you are prone there are some additional checks to make sure you cannot crawl backwards out into thin air or back yourself into a wall.

  1. MasterTankerMasterTanker01-21-2014

    I already knew that…but now i cant climb the trees, that was a nice trick and wasnt a cheat or hack, now sometimes when you try to run on the stairs it looks weird.

    This new collider system introduced a new epic mega bug, the “baumgartner jump”, sometimes when you get off of a car… i have a video, maybe later ill upload it.

    please add MEDICS, could be interesting to see wounded soldiers needing help like “left 4 dead 2”.

    Thanks for fixing the mounted machine gun in axis jeeps.

    • Reto.GargamelReto.Gargamel01-22-2014

      It would be less anachronistic to call it the “Half-Gagarin jump” ;)

      If any of you discover how to trigger this bug intentionally, we are very interested in hearing about it! The exact cause of this “sub-orbital launch” is still a mystery…

      • smknsmkn01-27-2014

        Forest skirmish map, when u spawn closer to C, and go directly to B, in a bike, leave it pressing SHIFT and while the bike is climbing just behind the rocks when u get to B. happens to me everytime i forget to realease shift.

  2. ralpgallandralpgalland01-21-2014

    Most roofs? Oh noes.. I liked it on the roofs! I could see the whole town from up there :P

  3. MaelstromMaelstrom01-23-2014

    The jumping 4.5km into the air seems to happen most when exiting a vehicle of any kind, including a bike. Though it has also happened to me when just running through the forest.

    Some unfortunate side affects of this change are:-
    1. Jumping through windows and onto roofs is almost impossible
    2. Cant get out of the water on the pontoon bridge on some of the bridge supports
    3. Very difficult to jump up to the church front door from just behind the towers
    4. In mountain town can no longer jump onto the wall at O2 in the corner of the compound

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