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Come Test the New Update to Newgarden Tonight!

Attention troops! This evening at 18:00 (Central European Time), we are opening one of our test servers, “Stable“, to the public for a special stress test of a new update to the Newgarden build. Come join us tonight and you will get to try the new matchmaking function. Read on for details…

The servers opens today at:

Tuesday the 14th of January 9:00 am 12:00 pm 18:00 17:00

PST = Pacific Standard Time (US westcoast)
EST = Eastern
StandardTime (US eastcoast)
CET = Central European Time (Central europe)
UTC = Coordinated Universal Time (Server time) / GMT = Greenwich Mean Time

Note: If you try to join Stable before it is open, you will land on the “Server Is Down for Maintenance” page.

New Matchmaking Function

This Newgarden update brings a lot of bugfixes, as well as modifications to the way you enter battles. Now both the automatic matchmaking function and the Mission List are grouped under the big red Enter Combat button. This way Heroes no longer need to navigate to the Generals screen in order to browse for action games to join, which we think makes more sense.

Now when you click Enter Combat, you are given the option to either let the game find a battle for you, or scroll through the list of available missions. The Mission Briefing for the currently selected battlefield appears on the left side of the window. This way you don’t have to open and close windows to compare battlefields and decide where you are needed the most!

Shorter Waiting Time for Tier 1 Players

We have also changed the automatic matchmaking function: if there are not enough soldier slots of the right character type in existing battles for our Tier 1 players, they will now be bumped into Tier 2 battles after 5 minutes in queue. We think a slightly more difficult challenge is preferable to a longer wait — and surely our new recruits are eager to test their mettle!

See you tonight on Stable!

  1. cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti401-14-2014

    Woow cool, lets test ..jeahh

  2. MasterTankerMasterTanker01-14-2014

    Whats mean “Stable” ? No more BETA? no more FRAME DROPPING? May i go?

  3. mike204mike20401-14-2014

    Won’t the name ”Stable” cause confusion as that server is for stress testing and it’s possible to crash under too heavy load. That’s not exactly what I understand as ”stable”

    • Reto.GargamelReto.Gargamel01-14-2014

      Stable is the server which hosts the most stable version of the next build waiting to be released.

  4. mike204mike20401-14-2014

    Ah yes, that clears it up. Good update btw!

  5. djopadjopa01-14-2014

    is it meant to be that you can’t play rts while waiting in lobby for an fps battle or will this be changed?

    btw good change to tier system….

  6. NevetosNevetos01-15-2014

    I’m guessing the “Stable” thing is supposed to be sarcasm, hence the “”, but anyways, for some reason my ‘Enter Battle’ button is missing, and Reto.Splixxen wont answer me :/ btw, it just wont launch the HnG sync, it’l keep saying i don’t have it, ill download it and it does nothing…

  7. wind-jaguarwind-jaguar01-15-2014

    waiting for paratroopers

  8. Palo_999Palo_99901-15-2014

    Very gut :D :D

  9. ladik1918ladik191801-16-2014

    very good

  10. rosiemarosiema01-16-2014

    “Waiting for players to join the mission”

    and then nothing happens..

  11. rosiemarosiema01-16-2014

    – the mission list is gone
    – can’t see missions at all if it’s 2 players more of your faction in the mission
    – no way to scroll to all missions that are being fought
    – no way to join via campaign map
    -.. pls add below

  12. BabylonjokeBabylonjoke01-17-2014

    In two years I’ve seen more updates about the UI and Interface/gear system then Envioriment…

    I don’t think that’s normal xP

  13. zasse97ezasse97e01-20-2014

    i waiting matchmaking in one hour

  14. Divan3Divan301-21-2014

    I am having a number of issues
    1. double clicking on the icon opens my explorer and then i have to wait aprox 30min just to get to the log in screen, after that another 15min to get to the game play.
    2. match making is a slep. waiting period between 30sec – 17min
    3. sum-times game freezes with in a couple of seconds in combat, have verified files, no corrupt files. (sys spec: I3 3.3ghz, 8g ram, nvidia 200 1gig), running on a 512kbs/s line

    In the past every thing run smooth, after the patch uhm yea things are not looking very good

  15. deathmachineptdeathmachinept01-23-2014

    There are some improvements with this new UI and fixes I like the transparent left panel, better naming, better fonts and size and it’s easier to know what is a button and what is text but in the end it serious broke other aspects of the UI..

    We need 2 buttons one for queue and the other for picking your battle… Reto forced us to make 2 more clicks 1 more window while also prevent us from chatting and stop doing our general duties !? (we need a dev that plays and understands games so it can oversee and approve this new UI concepts)

    Another huge turn off is not able to join battles from the map, so user friendly and gave that general feels especially bad now that the players who own ATs can join their ATs battles from map.

    The strategy map CAN’T be seen as a website UI it’s a game UI , the difference is that a game interface has redundancies and multiple ways to the same actions always reducing the amount of clicks.

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