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Scheduled Maintenance – War Server moves – POSTPONED


We’ve had to postpone the server move, sorry for the confusion!

UPDATE: We’ve had to postpone the server move, sorry for the confusion!

We’ll be migrating our servers Thursday 9th Jan 2014, so there will be significant downtime whilst this takes place.

The servers will be down for approximately 10-12 hours, starting at around 0900 CET (click here to see when this is in your timezone)

This server migration will mean our servers are:

  • More Secure (so we can protect your data from bad folk, and hopefully any other agencies that might be looking on…)
  • More Scalable (so we can bring more new players into the game easily)
  • Closer to the transatlantic cables towards the US, especially interesting for campaign performance
  • Consolidated on identical and more modern machines instead of running on different types of (old) hardware.

AND, probably most importantly for you, this will improve long-term stability of the servers (although we may have some short-term teething problems – migrating servers is a big task, so please do bear with us!)

We will do our best to keep you up to date on the progress on our Heroes & Generals twitter account.

  1. aufar100aufar10001-08-2014

    I hope this wont have a significant downside on australia and asia player

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300001-08-2014

      It should not. The main idea is to get the War Server closer to a major internet hub. The action servers are not moving (but a single new one is being added for testing purposes).

      If you DO see any negative changes in performance – please let us know so we can get it fixed!

  2. iPenetratoriPenetrator01-08-2014

    From Russia with love, the game does not load

  3. iPenetratoriPenetrator01-08-2014


  4. cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti401-08-2014

    fresh hardware and faster connection sounds good. did mobile command is afected by it ….. ohh wait just lets see how performance will turn.. ( will we figure out performance boost? ) i would like to hear too, comments about boost of performance , not only problems xD

  5. JackBootJackBoot01-08-2014

    In the time that I got to play today I saw a big increase. From normal 30-40 fps to anywhere between 40-60 fps. Still playing like a noob though and being killed more than killing.

  6. JackBootJackBoot01-08-2014

    That was with the hotfixes :)

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