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Half the Battle: Squad Tactics 1 – Using Map Coordinates

By popular demand, I am launching a series of blog posts about squad tactics, which is to say tips on how to function better as a team. This week I want to draw your attention to the grid coordinates found on the in-game map. You will see that they can function as a very efficient tool for quick communication.

No, Your Other Left

Suppose you are a Recon lurking inside one of the houses near capture point A3 in the Mountain Town. You see a Panzer III guarding the bridge. You don’t have any anti-armor weapons, so you need to call someone who has the right tools for the job. Do you think your teammates will know where to go if you say “Panzer III on the left side of bridge at A3”?

“Left” and “right” are rather vague directions. What if the guy who is trying to reach you is coming from the wrong side of the bridge? Chances are won’t see the Panzer before it sees him.

In the first example above, it would have been much easier to say “Panzer near bridge at 8D!”. This way there can be no confusion as to which side of the river you found your target. Because there’s two left sides to any bridge.

Stay tuned for more!

  1. TuupertunutTuupertunut12-20-2013

    This situation is an easy one because the sides of the bridge are on a different grid. However, this is not always the situation, so better way to tell this is “Panzer on the ENEMY side of bridge at A3.” Also worth noticing that map coordinates can be confused with capture point names, so saying “at GRID 8D” would be better.

    • Holsten99Holsten9912-21-2013

      What he said, and “their side” and “our side” is even shorter.

      But what a pleasant surprise: reto actually implemented something useful – marking the grid coordinates on the map. After beeing so utterly stupid as to cover the coordinates for no reason. But results count – so thanks for a useful feature.

  2. TornadaTornada12-21-2013

    And how they will know where that 8C is from distance?They will have to run around like trolls with the map activated to search that 8C,running through bullets and cannon shells obviously.I’m suggesting that a squad leader/squad member shall add a checkpoint with B (binocular) using mouse for example,to set a point for Destroy!(point) beside Attack! and Defend!,so anti-tank infantry/tanks/planes will know where to destroy or bomb the specific location,even its better when the location is hidden in forest,pilots will know the coordinates by viewing that checkpoint.In World War radio users were giving right coordinates for planes where the bomb,so this stuff is real.

    • TornadaTornada12-21-2013

      Mouse 3 button I mean(cannot edit)

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