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H&G Newspaper 12: Road to Hagenau NW81D5

From the desk of Dondergod:

Welcome to the twelfth edition of the H&G newspaper. In most newspapers, we talk about epic fights. We talk about fights where we were outmatched but still won! Great tank battles that left many tanks burning, breakthroughs with only a handful of soldiers… But sometimes, things do not go as planned. Sometimes, it is our units that are destroyed.

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NW81D6 Newgarden, War81, Day6

On the 4th (ingame) day already we noticed that the axis were weak in the south, so that is where we wanted to push. We started well, cut off 3 axis towns and managed to push the front-line a bit further. In the distance, about 3 or 4 towns away, we saw an airfield we wanted to take: Hagenau. That would be our aim for the coming time, Hagenau became our goal. From there we could sent fighters and paratroopers deep into German territory and take control of the complete southern area. We slowly started to set ourselves up for some action, we captured a few towns towards the airfield and decided to push further the next day.

Early in the 5th day of the war, we still held the towns we had captured the day before. However, the axis front-line had been reinforced by many troops and the towns behind it had received a bigger garrison. But so had we: many troops, tanks, apc’s, planes; enough to push forward. So we pushed our units into Nancy, took the town and successfully pushed the axis out.

We moved out in all directions, with two options standing in front of us: push forward to the Hagenau, or expand our front-line. Sarrebourg wasn’t that heavily defended, while the northern and southern town looked a lot stronger. So we pushed on, pouring troops into Sarrebourg while we sent units to block the other towns. Sarrebourg didn’t prove a problem. We captured the town and created a *snake into enemy territory. We sent units in all directions again, and pushed on to the outskirts of Hagenau. However, while we where fighting the skirmishes, we suddenly encountered a big issue.

Nancy had been taken by the enemy: our supply line to the front was gone, and we knew we would be cut off if we couldn’t take it back fast. We put our assault on hold, reinforced Nancy and tried to take it back. Both the assault and the defence were successful, and we reclaimed Nancy, so we resent our units to the enemy towns to block them off, and began our assault on Hagenau. However, Hagenau proved to be a much bigger challenge than expected. We took it, lost it and than had to take it again. These three battles lasted a long time, but we weren’t done yet: we had to fight another battle, defending Hagenau to push the enemy out.

It was late in the 5th day when we finally had Hagenau under full control. Now it was time to secure our flanks and expand our control zone around the airfield. South seemed the better option and since Strasbourg was poorly defended, that was our first target. From there we wanted to move back west.
During our assault on Strasbourg it all went wrong. We had captured and were defending the town when we got word that Nancy had fallen. Shortly after this, friendly forces began a counter-assault to reclaim it. I managed to join myself, while my unit was forced to fight in a different city. However, the enemy were dug in and we could not retake Nancy. Our forces were forced to retreat or were destroyed. With our supply line cut off, we did not have the troops to counter-attack, and all that remained of our mission was a few towns isolated in enemy territory.
Hagenau fell only half an hour after Nancy. Almost 40 assault teams were annihilated, fighting till the last man.

It damaged our morale, but with new assault teams, we swiftly moved to another objective, trying to forget the defeat we tasted on the Road to Hagenau.

*snake: A thin line deep into enemy territory. Often it has a lot of units in the furthest city (snake head), while having a small amount of units securing the flanks (snake body).
It can be great to cut through enemy towns and surround enemy units. However, since a snake is thin, the flanks can be overrun and the snake’s head isolated and surrounded.

  1. Pvt_LarryPvt_Larry12-30-2013

    We need more of these community entries, its good to hear stories straight from the players.

    I take one moment to solute my fallen, virtual comrades-in-arms, they will not be forgotten.

  2. -Ger-Schilli-Ger-Schilli12-31-2013

    I can remember that one was very annoying but we got what we deserved for not saving the flanks :S

  3. patton1995patton199512-31-2013

    Quite the operation … wish i was there :/

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