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Half the Battle: Bullet the Blue Sky

Last time, I showed you the basics of piloting. This week I have prepared a short video that provides tips on how to shoot down planes with the M55 Quad or the Flakvierling.

This one is going to be short and sweet: the secret to shooting down enemy planes is to try to predict where they will be, and aim there. Planes move faster than any other vehicle, and their distance to the observer is rather hard to estimate. As a consequence, it is generally a safer bet to aim well ahead of the target, and correct your aim as you go. A video will explain this better than any diagram.

  1. micsal4micsal412-06-2013

    wait till they do a u-turn and bomb you

  2. patton1995patton199512-06-2013

    next video log should be : How to evacuate an AA gun before you get dive-bombed

  3. BoskoBuha1BoskoBuha112-06-2013

    Wonderful. Could you please tell me how do you make them circle like that?

    • SurrakorulesSurrakorules12-08-2013

      it was the tutorial!In the tutorial tha plane does circles!

  4. deathmachineptdeathmachinept12-09-2013

    Why no German AA I was waiting to LoL at round dispersion. By the way this is impossible ingame with +90ping where planes bomb you and they don’t go in circles and unreal the number of rounds you have to hit the plane to have it damaged by that time another plane bombed you or EI/tank killed you.

  5. BlaineUKBlaineUK12-09-2013

    350 rounds!? Seems like you need a little more practice ;) Should be taking 120-150 maximum.

  6. TheBigTrickyTheBigTricky12-11-2013

    The planes are made of adamantium , its a rare metal that allows you to take 3 blasts from a tank cannon and the entire arsnol of an AA gun. Wolverine used this metal, aviators simply stole the idea.

  7. ranulph24ranulph2412-12-2013

    I prefer the light tank of the axis,to destroy planes^^

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