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Newgarden Feature: Character Progression Iteration – Part 3

A new character progression tree will be introduced at the Newgarden build. Here are some more details concerning unlockable abilities.

Yours Is Mine

It is not uncommon in a war that a retreating army is forced to leave behind valuable equipment. And when stumbling upon an enemy weapons cache, the obvious thing to do is to give your opponents a taste of their own medicine. In this regard, one of the interesting abilities which will become unlockable with Newgarden is the possibility to buy and equip captured enemy explosives. Leveling up the Explosives ribbon will eventually let you use the enemy’s grenades. Leveling up the Recon ribbon will let you equip first your side’s, then the enemy’s, anti-personnel (AP) mines. Likewise, experience gained from destroying tanks will let you unlock the enemy’s anti-tank (AT) mines and grenades.

This first version will not let you unlock other enemy weapons. However, you will be gaining proficiency with the enemy weapons you pick up on the battlefield. This experience will be “saved up” for later.

But Will We Keep Our Current Soldiers?

Many of our players are still asking the question, so allow me to reiterate: we have managed to avoid a hard reset by writing a set of database scripts, which will convert your currently existing character data so that none of your Heroes will be deleted. They will retain their rank, character class and the weapons they are currently using. We will not be any more specific than this, as we are still working out the details, and we want to make sure that everything works as intended before making any further promises.

  1. everest108everest10812-05-2013

    Would be nice to use and buy enemy weapons. Nice work. Can’t wait to see how will this turn out.

  2. kachaumkachaum12-05-2013

    I have a question about how Silver/Golden badges will work out for Free Fall/Ghillie/Camouflage/Para-Training and Nimble. Will it provide anything or you guys plan on making unique “Platinum” Badges?

  3. Questor213Questor21312-05-2013

    thnak god we ca, buy enemy weapon i guess that maybe the germans wont be overpopulated anymore

  4. BlaineUKBlaineUK12-05-2013

    When it comes… my new setup as an Axis player will be Thompson + Bazooka or Stickies. Screw the lesser of the aysmmetricly “balanced” counterparts. Looking forward to seeing Allies with MG42s and G43s too.

    • SurrakorulesSurrakorules12-08-2013

      ah yes!then at least my mg dude will do sth!and i would love that 98k!1shotkill!

  5. FontanFontan12-05-2013

    lol purchase of enemy weapons. This game is getting more and more kindergarten.

    -What about turning Heavy Tank ATs into enemy Heavies once they got 3 Stars ?
    -What about randomly switching capitals once in while during the war so axis can cap Berlin ?


    • djopadjopa12-06-2013


    • evilsamarevilsamar12-06-2013

      I just can’t figure out why would I want to buy axis weps if I’m playing allies…doesn’t make sence to me. If I wanted to play with axis weapons I’d be playing axis

  6. daeqolaxdaeqolax12-05-2013

    IMO this doesn’t mean purchacing enemy weapons.

    “This first version will not let you unlock other enemy weapons. However, you will be gaining proficiency with the enemy weapons you pick up on the battlefield.”

    I think you need to gather enemy weapons from battles. I assume the weapons you decided to spawn with will disappear after battle or death. I mean if you gather x number of guns, you use them and you die as many times as many weapons you had. After that you would have to gather more or just use the gun which your faction has.

    This is what i think.

    • FontanFontan12-06-2013

      its written there: “buy and equip enemy…”

      • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300012-06-2013

        buy and equip captured enemy explosives.

  7. FontanFontan12-06-2013

    explosives right…in the first iteration, means newgarden.

    “This first version will not let you unlock other enemy weapons…This experience will be “saved up” for later.”

    So i wonder what does means ?

  8. ChlodovechChlodovech12-06-2013

    Fontan is right. It starts with explosives but everyone around long enough knows that in the end Reto will make this possible for all weapons.
    Because once you allow buying enemy explosives there is no argument to not do it for other weaponry. They also get left behind, even vehicles.

    The saddest thing is, I am not even surprised they opened this door. :(

  9. SurrakorulesSurrakorules12-08-2013

    i really can’t imagine what this game will turn out to be when it come to v1.0

  10. Tadamichi_KuribayashiTadamichi_Kuribayashi12-08-2013

    When you reach Oak Leaves on a ribbon it resets. This happened to my Marksman ribbon and some others. Does this mean that I must re-earn the ribbon for newgarden?

  11. Pvt_LarryPvt_Larry12-09-2013

    NO! WHY!? WHY!!???

    I could live with the explosives, maybe. But being able to buy enemy weapons in the future? This is ridiculous!

    This would be the point where I would drop the game, I’ve stood by it since closed beta, and always defended it, but this would be crossing a red line for me.

  12. BoskoBuha1BoskoBuha112-10-2013

    Buying enemy weapons? Headshot guys.

    I would prefer that you allow player’s characters being “recruted” by any ingame faction. That means one war you can play as axis, another as allied with same character.

  13. DerTiejaDerTieja12-10-2013

    Why should the allied can use german weapons or the outherway as default?

    If the solder can pick up guns from the battlefield to fight it’s, ok. But as default??? ://
    The allied couldn’t have enough ammunition for the MG42… (if the germans are winning the battle again ;P)

  14. jimbobjoe44jimbobjoe4412-23-2013

    Dafuq? Why is allies aloud to buy axis guns? Thats very unrealistic. How often do u see a american riflemen with an MG42? I love this game becouse of its realism, i play through 4 fps and 300 ping becouse i love ww2 history and your taking that away? What is wrong with this picture. Where will the players that love realsim go? Not to buy any gold or anything and probally leaving the game. I know i will leave if this isnt turned back. U like axis guns THEN BE AXIS NOT ALLIED.
    That is all i have to say. :/ :( :-0 3: :?

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