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Newgarden Feature: Character Progression Iteration – Part 2

Last week we began looking at one of the main features of the coming Newgarden build, the character progression tree. Today I will reveal a bit more about this new aspect of the Hero experience.

Give Me My Badge and Gun

In Newgarden the way ribbons work will be completely revised. Combat ribbons will now allow you to unlock weapons, modifiers and combat badges. The ribbons will also look better, so you’ll have a nice collection to display (and make your friends green with envy). The more you use certain types of weapons, the more you will level up the corresponding ribbon, the more your character will become specialized in a certain branch of the progression tree. It all depends on your playing style: if you favor grenades, you will unlock more types of explosive weapons; if you play with automatic weapons a lot you will earn the relevant badges.

Need to know what ribbons you need to unlock a specific weapon? The weapon shop will show you the requirements for each gun, and the combat ribbon screen will let you know what each ribbon does, and how close you are to the next ribbon level.

Oh, by the way! Combat badges will now be upgradeable from bronze to silver and gold. That’s right, if you have a favorite special ability, you will be able to level it up. Neat huh?

Skulls! Because skulls.

NB: Stay tuned for more information on the progression tree and how it affects your current characters in a coming blog post!

  1. _GER_KRIEGER__GER_KRIEGER_12-04-2013

    Amazing! Very good Idea! :) Thumps Up ^^

    • BastiBasti12-04-2013

      When will the introduced into the Game? For the official release?
      With this new feature the game will be even better than it already is! :D

  2. J0N4SJ0N4S12-04-2013

    what will happen with existing characters?

  3. MrCatMrCat12-04-2013

    Lots of sweet changes coming, nice work Reto!

  4. Questor213Questor21312-04-2013

    i hope that we wont lose our characters

  5. cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti412-04-2013

    ohh jeahh baby ..c,mon reseet wuhuu…. xD iam just thinking about to reset byself, so i can unlock all this nice stuff. ohh wait.. i cant await see that ribbons shine … finally i will wear for it my 1a set to pin them on. will i have something to unlock .. yes ofcourse ..there is ever something to unlock jeahhHH

    ahh dreaming…. sometimes it happens….

  6. Pvt_LarryPvt_Larry12-05-2013

    Would you ever consider switching Semi-auto rifles and bolt-action rifles order. I think it would be better to start out with bolt actions.

    • SnowDogSnowDog12-05-2013

      Well since reto stepped away from any kind of weapon restrictions but those we can see here, it would be unfair for new players to go capping with a bolt action against veteran( or just players who are longer in the game than themselfs) players who just happen to have MGs, SMGs or Semi automatics.

      Would be another thing though if the overall weapons were again restricted by the ATs themselfs like it was once before, though that logic lacks when you have enough ATs in the battle for everyone to choose SMG/MG while the enemy team is locked to 60-80& bolt actions and 20% SMGs/MGs

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