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Turning the battle!

That’s right! Reto is turning all battles, literally. In this short news-post I want to show you one of the small, but very interesting and much requested feature.


So, what did Reto exactly do? As you all know, every town has multiple access points. A is north-east, B is south-east, C is south-west and D and E are north-west, until they aren’t. While the FPS-battles don’t see any changes, the generals will. ‘A’-line can be north-east, south-west or anything in between.

Does this mean that every time you fight a battle it will be different? No, the towns are turned ‘forever’; every battle you fight in that certain town will look the same. The way the town looks in the FPS fits the way it looks in the RTS. You will always know in advance where you will be fighting from.

This update doesn’t only go for the French town map of course, all other maps have seen the same small tweak.

Note from Reto.Robotron3000:
So if a town has a river running East-West it will run East-West every time you fight in that town. This ALSO means that we can create levels where it is easier to attack from a certain direction as that will not only benefit one side.

  1. ralpgallandralpgalland12-02-2013

    Oh my, I will be so confused!
    “Sherman South of C3, by Ruin!… Err, wait.. let me check my map.. East.. no, west!”

  2. djopadjopa12-02-2013

    good news!

  3. deathmachineptdeathmachinept12-02-2013

    Good job I was going to suggest this so we could have more fair maps without having always 90% of the Axis coming from east and south approaches while allies coming from West and North, this simply randomization makes battles less predictable by just rotating the map.

    Thank you for being in the same mindset than mine :) btw It would be great at least having a small compass point north, so players don’t get confused.

    This seems like the first step to more modular maps :P

    • rosiemarosiema12-03-2013

      Totally agree.

      This is going to be interesting to see.

  4. Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300012-02-2013

    A quick bit of clarification. A new ingame map update is coming along as well as we talk about here:
    It DOES include an improved grid reference system PRECISELY to avoid the:
    “Where am I? A, no F 8 or was it 2, bang! Argh I’m dead…” issue :-)

    • ilearilear12-03-2013

      Why not add ur current position on map to team chat? Like in many games now?

      ilear[e5] says: bleblebnle

  5. SC-GreyBeardSC-GreyBeard12-02-2013

    Great, this was suggested almost 2 years ago, (though it was a “random orientation” per battle that was suggested). now if they could just implement random AA gun emplacements

  6. cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti412-02-2013

    jeahh.. finally ingame map will be more used , even last one will now need ..maybe take look on M = MAP !!

    nice …

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