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Map Update: New Airfield – Part 2

The last few weeks of combat have seen the new airfield change hands many times, as it was successively captured by the Axis then reclaimed by the Allies, only to be lost again the next day. The evidence of bitter struggle can be seen everywhere in the surroundings.

War Zone

Our level designer, Reto.Ratamahat, likes to give environments a lived-in (or in this case, died-in) feel by adding elements which tell a story of their own. This has become more visible in the coming iteration of the Airfield map. To the observer traveling on the C Line, the place looks like it has seen both ground attacks and air raids. You will find yourself ducking behind the wreckage of an American M3 Halftrack or taking cover in the crater left by a recent bombing run. On the D Line you will encounter a grim memento mori: a rotting horse carcass next to an overturned cart, probably caught in a crossfire.

As you get closer to the gates, still on the D Line, you’ll come across trees that were either cut down or blown up, just before you hit a series of concrete pyramids. These are tank obstacles, affectionately referred to as dragon’s teeth.

If you try to sneak into the main hangar, you’ll find a nearby hiding spot in the shape of a Bf 109 crash landing site.

Even the nearby lake bears signs of sinister events…

Stay tuned for more Newgarden features!

  1. FontanFontan11-29-2013

    nice armor plates on the stug…nice models…cant wait to try the boat

    • PjosipPjosip11-29-2013

      Not sure those will be drivable :/

      • SurrakorulesSurrakorules11-29-2013

        would be soooooooo cool

    • blackr0seblackr0se11-30-2013

      I wonder if schurzen will work

      • FontanFontan12-01-2013

        I hope not…”schurzen” is a combination of solid and gaseous defecation in german. For sure it would be a funny moment in the game, but not very useful for the gameplay.

  2. joebournejoebourne11-29-2013

    very nice!

  3. RaulRaul11-29-2013

    This actually gave me an idea…I remember that a long time ago, there was a suggestion about changing the layout of the map from normal to damaged or heavily damaged, this would have been done by sending a Fighter Squadron in and letting auto-resolve out for a bit.

    Nice map btw, would be cool if you can do the same for the existing maps (maybe) :).

  4. MasterTankerMasterTanker11-29-2013

    I was thinking about it yestesday, i would like to see the trees exploding when a tank shoot at them.

    • kalashnjkovkalashnjkov12-01-2013

      Reto proved that they can do destructible environments with breakable farm fences. To make a map include many destructible objects will require a lot of times, dont be impatient.

  5. joedemadiojoedemadio11-29-2013

    Wooo getting more excited!

  6. J0N4SJ0N4S11-29-2013

    When will you release the horses?
    I can see one in 2. Picture ;)

  7. .Richtofen..Richtofen.11-29-2013

    I really like how the game is played … Reto-Moto excellent job. :)

  8. djopadjopa11-30-2013

    c and d line?

    • Reto.GargamelReto.Gargamel12-02-2013

      Yes, the new Airfield is far from linear. There are 4 access points and 3 objectives.

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