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Newgarden Feature: Character Progression Iteration – Part 1

Please take your seats gentlemen… ah! I see our special guests from the Square Enix webpage have arrived. Welcome! Now that we have everybody, we may begin this briefing. Kindly start the projector, Wilson…

Gentlemen! I am pleased to announce that very shortly a new character progression tree will be implemented as part of the coming Newgarden build. This is a feature which has been widely requested by our players for a very long time, and one which shall bring more depth to the Heroes & Generals gaming experience. It consists of a completely revised system for character types and ranks, equipment, combat ribbons and badges.

I will not lie to you, we came very close to having to wipe out all existing characters in order to accomplish this major change; but in the end our tireless developers found a way to crack the Enigma code avoid a hard reset of the player database. Thus players who have been with us throughout the year 2013 will get to keep their hard-earned progress.

In this new system, all new soldiers start out as Riflemen, and their progress allows them to unlock different character types, equipment options and abilities. New character types become available as you gain rank, whereas most other options are unlocked by obtaining combat ribbons. From a squad leader’s point of view, one of the main advantages of this system is that it keeps automatic weapons out of the hands of green recruits, so that everyone learns to shoot a rifle properly before graduating to machine guns — or being entrusted with a heavy tank. From a beginner’s point of view, it makes progression more exciting and meaningful, as each step brings you closer to new rewards.

Be All You Can Be

As shown on this picture, careers in different branches of service become available when you are promoted to certain ranks. The way it works is that you are offered a trial period (a certain number of battles) as a Tanker, Pilot, etc., during which you can still change your mind and remain in your current career path. Once the trial is over, the choice becomes permanent. Different choices open up different avenues, so each character gains some individuality through his unique résumé. A new soldier is a new adventure.

Stay tuned for part 2, where we discuss ribbons and equipment!

  1. FontanFontan11-27-2013

    What an awesome idea ;-)

  2. bigboy0007bigboy000711-27-2013

    I’m interested to know what this devious method is by which they can keep old characters yet still implement this system…

  3. PordyPordy11-27-2013

    Cool idea!

  4. RaulRaul11-27-2013

    Now I am curious, what does the different color of the Badge do? Does it signify a different tier? Like for Heavy Set, we could get 10% less damage while being a Bronze Badge, 20% less dmg while being a Silver Badge and 30% less dmg while being a gold badge? If that’s so, then this is darn coooool!

    Nice system btw ;).

    • imamineturtleimamineturtle11-27-2013

      Do we keep our old characters? And in the new system, will we still get new characters?

      • RaulRaul11-27-2013

        If you have read the entire post, they said that they tried their best to prevent a reset, and they did :), we won’t lose our progress.

    • Reto.VashuReto.Vashu11-27-2013

      Raul, that’s how it’s going to be, but can’t really tell you for sure the percentages,

      • smknsmkn12-04-2013

        This should be a fun implementation to watch.. I’ve submited a ticket about my Damage Inflicted ribbon in 15 October (truth be told it was about 2 different subjects, maybe only 1 was noticed, fair) never got it corrected, it is still at lvl 1 in a lvl 12 char (did already seen it going to lvl 15, at the start of one battle once went from lvl1 to lvl 15 without shooting once (and that was before i created the ticket).
        Nevertheless, good luck with that, i do ask why not keep the same progression tree used before, and change the way players were noticed of achievements? Most importantly (maybe the new tree truly brings some new feel to the game), and the real reasons why the flock isn’t getting bigger, New Maps and IP constraint rules? (yeah, beta, yeah.. till when? i’ve seen beta’s for too long, even CS did it for more than 2 years, but that is one in… and competition at that time wasnt what u guys face today).


  5. aufar100aufar10011-27-2013

    so now we only have 1 character instead multiple character? and we need to convert the 1 character into the other in order to let’s say just to drive a tank??

    sorry i have bad english

    • Reto.VashuReto.Vashu11-27-2013

      You will have many characters, but new characters will all start at Infantry and then be able to choose their path as they level up.

  6. Pvt_LarryPvt_Larry11-27-2013

    Very cool system, and thanks for avoiding a reset!

  7. schroefdraadschroefdraad11-27-2013

    This looks really good, as an improvement. Though I hope these ‘upgrades’ will really be spread over the first 7 levels or so. Reaching rank 2 or 3 is like 2 days playing or maybe for a real bad player 5 (also depends of course how often you play). But if you can get a tanker at rank 3 imo that’s too early.

    • HubiTomiHubiTomi11-27-2013

      Rank 3 too early? I hope that progress tree goes forward in that way, than the tier2 or tier 3 tanks are simply not available for rank 3 players….I mean, if you want to ride with Tigers, or Pershing, then put some effort into it, and reach higher levels. It is very sad to see, when you spare many Warfunds to get an armored unit, bring up to decent 1 or 2 star level, then a rank3 beginner will waste them in a blink of an eye.
      I hope, the tree will continue in this manner. Low level player wont be permitted to use high-valued resources. Earn the right to ride those tanks!

      • DondergodDondergod11-28-2013

        Talked to a Reto yesterday about the system.
        Once you have a tanker you will still be able to drive all tanks during N build, but at some point you need to earn a certain ribbon to be able to drive higher tier tanks.

        • Reto.VashuReto.Vashu11-28-2013

          That’s correct, but the system is capable of enabling a progression with vehicles as well.

  8. patton1995patton199511-28-2013

    New Garden is gonna be awesome, cant wait guys !

  9. djopadjopa11-28-2013

    so with golden hoarder badge i’ll be able to carry 999 ammo for mp???? ;)

  10. joedemadiojoedemadio11-28-2013

    Really Really Awesome!

  11. vengeicevengeice11-30-2013

    It says there players who were throughout 2013 won’t get progression reset ,exactly when did u have to start playing to not get reset?

    • Reto.VashuReto.Vashu12-02-2013

      As long as you have played before the new build, you will be affected, but not reset. No one will get reset, everyone will be transferred to the new system.

  12. Questor213Questor21312-03-2013

    thank you for making such a great idea

  13. BoskoBuha1BoskoBuha112-05-2013

    Looks awesome. How about axis/allied? Do we still have separate soldiers on axis/allied side? That was one of the problems of overpopulating – some ppl didn’t want to change faction because of that.

  14. BoskoBuha1BoskoBuha112-06-2013

    Vashu you really need to implement restrictions to higher tier AT’s. If someone want’s to play with expensive units, there’s automatch.

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