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Newgarden Feature: New Gunshot Sounds

In the Manstein build we had begun updating the gunshot sound effects with cool new stereo sounds. This affected only some of the weapons. With the coming Newgarden build, all the remaining guns get a new roar!

Bang, You’re Dead!

The second batch of new stereo sounds has just emerged from Reto.Draebesmoelf’s secret lab. This time I made third-person videos so you get a better view. But first, below is the list of weapons which will sound different in Newgarden. You’ll notice only the German submachine gun gets a new sound — that’s because the Tommy gun already had its new stereo sound in Manstein, whereas the MP 40 did not.

  • MG 42
  • MP 40
  • Pistol C96
  • Panzerfaust 60
  • M1919
  • 1911A1
  • Bazooka M1A1

Here are the American weapon sound effects:

And here are the German sounds:

Stay tuned for more info on new features!

  1. FontanFontan11-25-2013

    I am able to hear every single shot of the MG42

    blobb-blobb-blobb-blobb it is and trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt it should be. Its like putting the sound of a 2 cylinder engine into a Bugatti Veyron.

    Also it looks a bit asynchron.

  2. SgtKwixxSgtKwixx11-25-2013

    Heres a better example..
    1200rpm really doesnt sound like blobb-blobb-blobb

    • Pvt_LarryPvt_Larry11-25-2013

      Yeah, US troops called MG42 the “zipper” because you couldn’t discern individual gunshots, should really be more of a buzz.

    • CurstCurst11-26-2013

      The problem is that prm of MG42 in this game is not 1200.

  3. MrCatMrCat11-25-2013

    I’d like the sound enigneer to get rid of the ridiculous big amount of BASS in some sound effects, it DESTROYS speakers and headphones, even studio headphones. There’s no way bomb’s or other stuff would have so many BASS. So please stop destroying my soundgear.

  4. bsnake(Latvia)bsnake(Latvia)11-25-2013
  5. BlaineUKBlaineUK11-25-2013

    Lots of people are rightly pointing out the problem with the MG42 sound, but they fail to realise the RPM of the MG42 is NOT real life RPM. I imagine it would sound more like a “buzzsaw” if the in-game RPM was increased.

    • Pvt_LarryPvt_Larry11-26-2013

      I’d prefer realistic stats, but they could at least get the sound right so we can pretend.

  6. djopadjopa11-26-2013

    i don’t care for the sound of the mg because i don’t play with it…. x)
    i also didn’t like the first few sounds that came to the game but now it’s much better so….

  7. Reto.draebesmoelfReto.draebesmoelf11-27-2013

    Hi all,

    Thank you for your comments and the YouTube links. I always like to have YouTube references of gun shot sounds. I just have to remember that it is the YouTube-version of how it sounds and not how it sounds in real life. (It is not possible to record and reproduce gun shot sounds through any media due to the high dynamic range of the gun shot sound).

    Regarding the MG42, we have not yet fully decided how it should work. As BlaineUK and Curst write, the in-game RPM of the MG42 is not equal to the real life RPM of the MG42. It keeps the in-game MG42 from making that “buzz” sound.

    “Why do we not just make the in-game RPM of the MG42 equal to the real life RPM?”
    Well that is related to technical issues, frame updates, and gameplay issues so it is not an easy fix (if at all possible).

    However, a thing that we are thinking about doing for the MG42 is to introduce a looping gun shot sound. This would make it possible to give the MG42 more of the “buzz” sound that you are all talking about. When this would happen I do not know – so right now I am afraid you have to live with the way the MG42 sounds.

    Still, I hope that you are able to enjoy both the game and the other new gun shot sounds. :-)

    Thank you,

  8. .Richtofen..Richtofen.11-27-2013

    Congratulations Reto-Moto. are doing an excellent job.

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