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Feature Friday: New In-Game Map

One of the problems with invading a foreign country is that you don’t really have time to learn the correct pronounciation of all the street names. Also, it’s hard to ask for directions when the local residents are mostly hiding in the cellar — and if you’re really unpopular, they probably took the street signs with them. This is when maps come in handy! And with the Newgarden build, the in-game map will become more useful.

Wherever I May Roam

The new in-game map doesn’t just look better with its redesigned, sturdy, vintage canvas cover (now with pencil holder), it also comes with convenient additions:

  • The map is now toggled on and off. You no longer need to hold down the M key.
  • Right-clicking switches between the global view and the zoom. You can now see details more clearly.
  • When in zoom mode, supply depots and weapon pickup points become visible, identified by yellow icons.

Also notice that the legend is now always on display, for more readability, and that the way the character is holding the map no longer blocks the entire view.

  1. daeqolaxdaeqolax11-22-2013

    Well, graphical appearance has improved now, but did you remove the grid? It helped reporting positions of enemy units. Especially tanks.

    Anyway, always nice hear what you’re working on.

  2. Gaius22Gaius2211-22-2013

    It looks cool, the zoom helps to better identify the health and weapon crates, so…nice addition. Maybe now I can find where the hell are the weapon crates in the factory map, if they are any.

  3. MasterTankerMasterTanker11-22-2013

    Looks nice, but dont forget the grid, is needed to send commands.

    After the last update, i mean yesterday the game downloaded lots of files, it become more slow now, after replacing my nvidia 550ti for an AMD 7790 i was playing barely at 30, now it goes in 20, what are you doing with the performance?

    • TuupertunutTuupertunut11-23-2013

      20 fps with radeon 7790? I get easily a 50 fps with my 6850, you sure you have the latest drivers?

  4. NoceboFRNoceboFR11-22-2013

    No grid… who needs a grid ? Something like “the tank is… near… the trees, you know in front of the house…” is much much better then “tank at D3”.

    “Now your team will know what you’re talking about when you say, ‘I’m in the east building’.” <- you're right, no grid, better communication. Brilliant.

  5. TictacmanTictacman11-22-2013

    What ? Wich trees ? Wich house ? i don t undestand how you can communicate with other players with this indications ???
    I prefer a grid and the probleme today is that :
    – sometime it s hard to see the name of the objectif name (it s C1 ? i can t read, no C4, omg an ennemy, fire ! no time to know the name of the objectiv)
    the vertical column have indication (A B C D ) but the horizontal line have no indication so you have to count (omg a tank in C, hu wich numeber ? wait i count 1 2 3 4 5 ah ok 5, a tank on C5, omg ennemy, no time to count…)

    • TuupertunutTuupertunut11-23-2013

      Sometimes you can also get confused about C4 meaning capture point or map grid. I suggest them rather make the map grid letters start from z and go downwards so we would have W4 instead.

  6. deathmachineptdeathmachinept11-23-2013

    There needs to be a grid with numbers in one side and letters in the other just like we see with battlefield or warthunder it’s very important to communicate coordinates to air and your team.

  7. WarblerWarbler11-23-2013

    Looks good, but needs to have the grid with coordinates like the current maps. Please also make the grid squares half the size they are in the current live build – it would make broadcasting locations using the map coordinates much more precise, the current grid squares are unnecessarily large.


    nice work i love this game.Im sure that game will be the best fps f2p ever seen.One question did you testing the tiger 2 for the im loving and the panther tank.

  9. zazo2002zazo200211-24-2013

    Can you put the places where we find anti tank weapons on the map that would be helpful

    • RaulRaul11-24-2013

      It seems that with the upcoming map iteration, you can see the anti-tank weapon crates too, just check the church tower.

      • deathmachineptdeathmachinept11-25-2013

        There is a panzerfaust/bazooka crate near the metal bridge behind the supply box, it’s not marked.

        • zazo2002zazo200211-25-2013

          how about other maps

  10. Reto.Hr.WilleReto.Hr.Wille11-25-2013

    Don´t worry the final map has HAS grid reference :)

  11. NoceboFRNoceboFR11-25-2013

    Good job then, the new map look great. :)

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