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Map Update: New Airfield – Part 1

We are beginning to get a clearer picture of the new enemy airfield, thanks to the heroic dedication of Obergefreiter Waldemar Schweige, who led a daring yet successful reconnaissance mission in this heavily guarded area. He has returned with invaluable knowledge about the site, both in terms of structures and equipment.

Reconnaissance Report

The man worked hard for his promotion. Now we know that the airfield will have not two but three mission objectives: the control tower, the main hangar and a cluster of four fighter pens. Secondary capture points will include barracks and a fuel depot.

To gain control of the fighter pens, we will have to seize the radio located inside one of the blast wall bunkers. This is a very narrow enclosed space. Explosives, SMGs and a bloody mess are to be expected. When we get to the main hangar, it’s quite the opposite situation: pictures reveal that it is open on both ends and big enough to fly a plane right through.

Spread out accross the perimeter we find what looks like Type 22 British pillbox bunkers. Those hexagonal structures provide excellent cover for machine gunners. Approach with care.

The enemy has invested a lot of resources in this installation. There is no doubt that we must regard this airfield as a major strategic objective!

To be continued…

  1. djopadjopa11-21-2013


    so you’ll have to take all 3 objective points to win?

    • SurrakorulesSurrakorules11-21-2013

      maybe that’s too much!i mean the town should have mroe objectives NOT the airfiled!And more maps!pelase…

      • djopadjopa11-22-2013

        could be, but you have 1 less cp on each access line compared to town map

  2. fagadabafagadaba11-22-2013

    Sounds fucking awesome! New buildings and models are always fun!

    Good luck with the balancing, I love you Retooooo.

  3. deathmachineptdeathmachinept11-23-2013

    As long it takes more than 10 minutes to win the map around 20mins. I’m fine with it :).

    Reto needs more modular maps or with extensions like we see with bf 2 there is one big map and this map can be split in two one for 32 players one for 64.

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