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Guest Video: K120’s “Tanks Overview”

Long time community member K120 has made a great little video showing off the tanks available in the game.

So put your tanker helmet on, hold an oily rag under your nose (not TOO close :-) ) and press play!
(remember to turn up, the volume and hit both the HD and full-screen buttons)

  1. patton1995patton199511-19-2013

    hey developers…. do you want to tell us about any new possible vehicles coming out soon ;-P
    love the game, keep up the awesomeness!

  2. deathmachineptdeathmachinept11-19-2013

    When will the PZ I be taken out from the game? It doesn’t make sense currently or for the future there is no US comparison.

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300011-19-2013

      It wont :-D
      We don’t want to make both sides identical, there is and shall continue to be a difference between the weapons and vehicles available.

      • djopadjopa11-20-2013

        so you give one side a heavy tank that was hardly even used in ww2 for the sake of balance but on the other hand you attempt to stick to such a imbalanced light tank like the panzer i which is no match at all to the stuart when it comes to distant fights.
        example, axis attacks over b line and stuarts defend b4 shooting at everything that moves on other side of river.
        if i try to take out a stuart from b3 side of river i hardly even can hit the stuart because of the comedy spray the mg’s have, even with a shovel i would trow bullets at the stuarts better and at the end i finish destroyed by the stuart cannon.
        yeah i know…. we should cross over the iron bridge which is protected by a stuart or players with bazookas….
        and don’t come me with any wf difference speech because i don’t care if the panzer 1 costs even 1 wf to maintain when it’s functionality compare to the opponents light tank is a joke.

        thanks, cheers and keep up the good work.

      • BlaineUKBlaineUK11-20-2013

        Asymmetric balance…. well, we’ve got the asymmetric part, just not the balance part. Use the armour system you just implemented, make it so Stuarts can’t penetrate Panzer I from the front, but still can from the sides; the Stuart would still be much much better, but at least a good Panzer I Commander can rotate his armour accordingly and it will be slightly harder for a single Stuart to eliminate half of a Panzer I AT single handedly, which makes the Light Armour assault team the most imbalanced ATs in the game right now.

      • deathmachineptdeathmachinept11-23-2013

        But aren’t infantry weapons all identical?

        PZ is not a light tank by the time the M5 Stuart sees action it’s a tankette pls research about it. There is a reason why there isn’t a PZ I in Battlefield, in red orchestra, in WW2ol and in warthunder because it had no anti tank capability and had very poor armor.

        The PZ I was developed to train tank crews and prepare German industries for mass production of vehicles and tanks.
        Both axis and allied players agree that it must be replace please listen to the playerbase, it’s also not possible for the PZ I to penetrate a stuart and the dispersion over 100m is nothing more than a bad joke.

        Besides that keep doing good work and listening to the community.

  3. zazo2002zazo200211-20-2013

    What’s the difference between tank destroyers medium tank destroyers and heavy tank destroyers

  4. djopadjopa11-20-2013

    i hope you didn’t put the tank factory on side….

  5. patton1995patton199511-20-2013

    Light and Medium Light tanks should be introduced in my opinion (more tanks the better :D)
    even the ability to upgrade you light tanks …
    from PNZR1 to Pz. Kpfv. 35. (t)
    from the Vickers light tank to Stuart

    On the other hand I am currently satisfied with the tank balance …
    I mean, you Germans have panzer1s … but how many wars have you won? :-P

  6. drummer93drummer9311-23-2013

    Remove the Panzer I !!!! It wasn’t a tank for the war, the germans use it to train the tank crews!! And why the Panzer III have to make 6 shoots in the flank to destroy a Sherman??? Don’t joke us. Respect the historical characteristics of the vehicles. You put the better vehicles of the americans and the worst of the german army.
    And why the BF-109 Emil????? Put the BF-109 G please.

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