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Developer’s Corner: New Low-Quality Rendering

In the coming Newgarden build, we will change the way the game renders graphics when the “low” quality setting is selected. The picture below pretty much sums it up, but read on for the details!

The Shadow Knows

Up until now, when the graphics quality was set to “low”, Heroes & Generals would use the “traditional” rendering technique, known as forward rendering, as opposed to deferred rendering, which was used when the quality was set to “medium” or “high”. Starting with Newgarden, all three graphics settings will employ deferred rendering. The main observable result will be that shadows, point lights and bump maps will also be applied to objects under the “low” quality setting. As you can see from the screenshots, the new “low” setting is very similar to the current “medium” setting.

This is good news for everybody, as it will even out the playing field and make the gaming experience more fair. With the new rendering process, the unlucky rifleman in the picture above will die knowing that you spotted him first because you’re good, not because you’re playing with the low quality setting!

  1. SurrakorulesSurrakorules11-18-2013

    hmm but does that mean that now low quality needs better pc than the current one

  2. MasterTankerMasterTanker11-18-2013

    Hello RETO, in the past few week ive been denouncing the terrible performance of the game, i have an nvidia 550ti and the game run beetween 40 fps and a horrible frame-drop to 4 fps, i tried everything from format my pc, reinstall drivers, the game, etc, tested all configurations, etc and the game is worst everyday.

    So i decided to change my nvidia 550Ti and use an AMD 7790 gpu, now the game run just fine, in skarmish map you can have 120 fps sometimes, in the other maps the performance for me is 40 – 30 fps.

    Even when in your loading screen says what this game is optimiced for nvidia card the reality is another, for the moment ill play with the AMD card but i hope you could improve the performance so i can use my gpus as i need.

    :) Thanks, and othe thing is the new train station map, the station is fine but the terrain is too weird you feel like a pigmy.

    The destructable fences are not working properly all the time.

    Please add the ability to swim under water and the skill for improve the resistance of the player to hold the breath. Maybe we could cross the rivers and survive to Pershings.

    • Reto.VashuReto.Vashu11-18-2013

      The card you switched to is better than the one you previously used.

  3. Pvt_LarryPvt_Larry11-18-2013

    I need to hurry up and order my new graphics card.

  4. fagadabafagadaba11-22-2013

    Alright so…

    Now we can’t hide in shadows because pro-gamerz will all use low settings to get shadows off.

    • Reto.StenumReto.Stenum11-22-2013

      You cannot turn shadows off in Newgarden. The first picture is from Manstein (the current build).

  5. JinppaJinppa11-26-2013

    What are those ugly untextured brown strands of blobs? Grass?

  6. large-farvalarge-farva11-28-2013

    am i the only one who doesn’t see a difference between the newgarden low/medium?
    cant wait to hear the people with sub par rigs cry about this one. forcing shadows will cripple alot of these mediocre rigs….how about a functioning game? all reto cares about is improving visuals…

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