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Enemy Airfield Located!

These top secret aerial photographs just landed on your desk…

It appears the enemy has rebuilt its airfield since our last bomb raid. They have upgraded their defences: now it would seem that their fighter planes are no longer parked in hangars, but spread out around the airfield in dispersal pens, protected by blast walls, which also act as bunkers! This makes our bomber’s task more difficult. We may have to send in ground troops to seize control of this installation.

To be continued…

  1. dcisardcisar11-13-2013

    So it will be rebuilded airfield map…

  2. MrCatMrCat11-14-2013

    If they’d keep rebuilding the same maps over and over again we’ll never have nice map variations, always the same ‘city’, ‘mountain map’, and ‘airfield’

  3. DondergodDondergod11-14-2013

    Well, actually the airfield hasn’t had an overhaul since like alpha. They removed some trees at some point but nothing else. Same goes for factory.

    What I’ve heard, they wanted to do an overhaul of all current assaults.
    Town is done, Mountain is sorta done, airfield is what they are doing now, factory still has to be done.
    After that they MIGHT finally start adding new maps again.

    Current airfield map isn’t very fun to play, so I hope this new ones becomes better.

  4. bill wbill w11-14-2013

    wait…does this mean well be able to fly planes when not being fighter pilots???

    • Pvt_LarryPvt_Larry11-17-2013

      No, but that’s where aircraft will spawn if a fighter AT is defending.

  5. mcloudmcloud11-14-2013

    and not just a map for the bombing?

  6. FontanFontan11-14-2013

    terrific ^^

    Also the Pz I needs a new skin again.

  7. J0N4SJ0N4S11-15-2013

    I would like to see the old skirmish map reworked… ;)

  8. djopadjopa11-17-2013

    any change is welcomed.
    but if it will be done better then the new mountain map.
    keep up the work.

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