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Beta Videolog 9: “Manstein” is now online.

The new build ‘Manstein’ has been online for a short while, and we hope you will all help us welcome new players and community members to the game. With leaves falling from the trees and autumn rains pounding down, it was very easy to lure Reto.KenSolo and Reto.Colding into the editing booth and they went straight to work on a new videolog showing you some of the updates in the Manstein build. Take a look here:

Here is a short rundown of the video’s content:

New Features

New Mountain Map

We have updated the Mountain Map with about 200% more mountain and a lot of improvements to how the map is constructed behind the scenes.


“Enough with these fences everywhere! Destroy them!” That is how it sounded here at HQ, so you can now destroy fences by crushing them with tanks, shooting them or by having things explode next to them.

Mounted MG34 & Weapons Sounds

The mounted machine gun on the German vehicles has been changed from the MG42 to a new model of an MG34 and we are currently going through the weapons updating the weapon sounds.

Fog of War

In Manstein we have introduced fog of war for the first time. This is mainly relevant for Generals as can only see what their Assault Teams see and have to talk together to plan larger scale operations.

Take a look at this news post for more details.

  1. FontanFontan11-13-2013

    lovely !

    Please give the Mg42 also a buttkicking sound like e.g. in Medal of Honor Airborne.

  2. PjosipPjosip11-15-2013

    Kinda late, but still quite cool.

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