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Map Updates – Mountain Town – Part 2

Just before Manstein was released, we gave you a tour of the eastern half of the new Mountain Town map. Today we visit the other half, where all the vertical action happens. Put on your helmets!

All Aboard

The new train station (also known as O1) is perched on a very steep mountainside, which brings a completely new dynamic to battles. In this area, the fighting can take place on many different levels: riverside below the station, on the train platforms, on the tracks, and of course, on the mountain proper. A good sniper can have a field day up in the heights, if he’s motivated enough to embark on a long hiking trip. However, capturing the station itself can be quite a challenge, as its location forces attackers to either cross open terrain, follow a narrow road… or take the stairs.

At the Crossroads

Approaching from the west, attackers are presented with a choice. Will they take the long way around? Will they follow the tracks? Will they split up in an attempt to create a diversion?

Following the tracks may not be as crazy as it sounds, if you have a good plan! But be careful, these railroad bridges are narrow and mistakes can lead to a disaster. You must also expect fierce fighthing once you enter the station.

  1. patton1995patton199510-30-2013

    you definitely have to keep your head down in this map, that’s for sure.

  2. patton1995patton199510-30-2013

    Hey, i know this isn’t the place for this question but, are the new rifles in the works (carbine, BAR, etc), or when can we expect them?

  3. cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti410-30-2013

    didnt played this map allot , but so far it looks tasty for nice battles

  4. halvadakis2012halvadakis201210-30-2013

    Playing this map with new comers is a disaster omg!!!Great work though.Keep up the good work.

  5. JayisokJayisok10-30-2013

    i cant Login all time say Server is down for maintenance ….

    • Reto.GargamelReto.Gargamel10-30-2013

      That is because… the server is REALLY down for maintenance.

  6. BabylonjokeBabylonjoke10-31-2013

    Mah, I don’t like this map, the new mountain looks too much fake to me , the new buildings doesn’t fit with the scenario at all ( too bright textures ).

    You actually have added a train station in the middle of nothing, doesn’t make much sense to me. In the old one at least there was the village there.

    So at the end I prefered the previous one, still I don’t understand why reto focus on “rework” maps that were already looking fine, instead of work on new ones.

    Anyway, I’m really looking forward for the new build. This game is still the best ww2 fps out there.

    • whitedanwhitedan11-11-2013

      fly a plane there …its like all mountains are AA guns.

  7. bill wbill w10-31-2013

    Babylonjoke is right, you guys are the best!

  8. popalexcristianpopalexcristian11-02-2013

    why at Part 3 to ad an train that is moving?And to be 03 as target to stop his route?

    • popalexcristianpopalexcristian11-02-2013

      ah and when will be done?

    • RaulRaul11-02-2013

      What are you talking about? The train ain’t moving at all -.-…

      • popalexcristianpopalexcristian11-02-2013

        Why not?Do you hear about trains that aren`t moving?You make my laugh!You need to get in train with some planes to paratroop or to stop moving out of battlefield.

        • RaulRaul11-03-2013

          For your info…I was talking about the in-game model…not reality.

  9. popalexcristianpopalexcristian11-04-2013

    hey always why not?To move a train.It would be useful.

  10. patrykanopatrykano11-05-2013

    E ale Dobre dodal ubdatery

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