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Manstein is online!

The new build named Manstein (after the German Field Marshall Erich von Manstein) is live on the servers! And here is a short update explaining the new features we have added for you to enjoy!

New Features

New Mountain Map

We have updated the Mountain Map with about 200% more mountain and a lot of improvements to how the map is constructed behind the scenes. This makes updating and adjusting easier, so we can make sure the map stays as fun as possible over time without turning level designer’s hair gray.
Take a look here for screenshots and additional details.


“Enough with these fences everywhere! Destroy them!” That is how it sounded here at HQ, so we can now destroy fences by crushing them with tanks, shooting them or by having things explode next to them. Click the link for more details (and a few splinters).

Asset Streaming & Partial-State Update

Behind this cryptic sounding point hides two very important features. Asset Streaming lets us load assets (textures now, models & modifications & vehicles in the future) into a running action game. Streaming also adds a layer of performance optimization on graphics adapters without tons of onboard memory as explained here. The Partial State Update is a new generation of the network code handling how your game communicates with the servers. This lets the game send smaller packages and gives a better game experience for all players, but especially those further away from the servers. More Techy info here.

Mounted MG34 & Weapons Sounds

In addition to improving the game’s performance we have also added a new weapon. The MG34 has been added as the mounted machinegun of choice on a couple of German vehicles and we have added the first batch of the new weapon sounds (with more to come).

Fog of War

In Manstein we introduce fog of war for the first time. This is mainly relevant for Generals as it now only let’s them see what their Assault Teams can see. Take a look here for more information!

There are of course more happening in the build, so continue reading for more details…

Minor stuff

Here is a list of some additional features in the Manstein build.

  • Assault Clock update
  • Refactor XP system to reduce risk of error.
  • 25% XP Bonus included in Veteran Membership
  • Campaign Map level redistribution
  • New capture jingles
  • Modification to how German uniform receives light, make them look lighter in colour
  • WeaponMods high level boost
  • Armor Model Impact Feedback

Mobile Command

The Mobile Command app moves along on its own release cycle (when at all possible) so the current version is compatible with the Manstein build when it goes live. The newest version contains the Fog of War, as well as a few bug fixes on both iOS and Android.

For a more detailed changelog take a look here: Changelog on the wiki.

  1. smknsmkn10-25-2013

    shouldnt the FoW be only in RTS?

  2. SkyDaggersSkyDaggers10-25-2013

    That’s cool, but I can’t play this game anymore.
    Because I dislike google chrome’s performance and firefox is just isn’t for me.

    I got Windows 8.1 with newest version of Internet explorer with is working flawlessly and extremely fast.
    Kinda sad that game tries to force me to change my browser…

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300010-25-2013

      We don’t currently support 64-bit browsers. The game should work in 32-bit IE on wni 8.1 though. AFAIK win8.1 still installs the 32-bit IE alongside the 64-bit.

      Hope this helps.

      • SkyDaggersSkyDaggers10-25-2013

        Hmm ill check if there’s 32bit browser hidden somewhere.

      • SkyDaggersSkyDaggers10-25-2013

        Sadly there’s only 64 Bit version of IE built in Windows 8.1

      • TonyWintergreenTonyWintergreen11-23-2013


  3. CorsixCorsix10-25-2013

    Love the FOW feature in the new build! Now, my copy of Hearts of Iron is collecting dust only. You got it Reto!

  4. anndoriananndorian10-26-2013

    The new blood spalsh is just HORRIBLE. Riffle/machine gun sounds make me feel like I am playing a kids game.

  5. dcisardcisar10-28-2013

    That new bomb ressuply system is great (for newbies), but get back that old system too, please!!! Normal i can drop 3-4 bombs (precious) per 3 mins, and now, i can´t fly anymore, becouse plane is for “one use” only! Get that old system back with that new system, please!!!

  6. iPenetratoriPenetrator10-29-2013

    Thanks for the “oneshot” for sound m1903

    The rest of the sounds are bad, the deaf! Bring back the old!
    Bring back the old map! New map, very, very biggest, low detail!

  7. Rutger275Rutger27510-30-2013

    It’s nice to know that you are making the terrain more vulnerable for vehicles and soldiers. Just keep on improving this game!

  8. kAAMEhAMEkAAMEhAME11-05-2013

    all fow hater post/comments will be removed….such a shame

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300011-07-2013

      Constructive criticism is very welcome.
      “I [Insert random swearwords] hate you and your game and your moms” etc. posts will be deleted, same as always.

  9. TibkoTibko11-05-2013

    total blbost , nema hlavu ani patu

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