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Map Updates – Mountain Town – Part 1

The time has come to announce the biggest change to come in the Manstein build: a complete overhaul of the Mountain Town map. In fact our level designer and graphics department haven’t “reworked” the map so much as completely rebuilt it! This is the first part of the tour. Hop onto my truck!

More Mountain!

Why did we choose to completely rebuild the map instead of simply improving it? The main reason is that the old Mountain Town map needed to be moved over to the new level building pipeline, and that meant the entire terrain had to be reconstructed anyway. So we thought we might as well give the Mountain Town more mountain! We’re talking double black diamond, proceed-at-your-own-peril ski trails. We wanted the new map to have a dramatic landscape, but also to involve a lot more vertical gameplay — I will come back to this in part 2.

Another reason for updating the map has to do with the flow of combat in the original Mountain Town. Experienced players will have noticed that it is most often mountain battles which turn into hour-long endurance contests, as both factions continually lose and retake the middle capture points, X1 and X2. As a result, the current Mountain Town map yields very linear battles, as opposed to the diverse possible scenarios afforded by the French Village map. This has also been improved in the new version, once again by making the mountain much steeper in the middle, but also by keeping only a single capture point between the two mission objectives. Because the objectives are now closer together, we have also made the river in this area wider and modified the terrain around X1 so that it’s now a choke point.

Won’t You Take Me to… Mountain Town?

Let’s move on to the fuel depot. You’ll notice that the refinery, with its large fuel cisterns and pipes, has completely disappeared. We thought it looked too high-tech for a remote mountain village in the 1940s. Instead of this, you will now find an old-fashioned farm, the objective itself being a large barn with a thatch roof, where a crafty general has been secretly stockpiling fuel drums. This farm compound is also where you can find the commandeered civilian truck, which is faster than a tank, but lacks the engine performance of its military counterparts. Of course there are plenty of nice destructible fences nearby for you to play with.

Aside from being more coherent with the historical period, the new fuel depot has two floors, which means…

Tune in next week for part 2, in which we will take a look at the new train station and the surrounding area!

  1. GandaharGandahar10-18-2013

    heyo, when update coming out ? :)

  2. J0N4SJ0N4S10-18-2013

    Great Job!!
    Looks really nice, but can u please release it as soon as you can ? :D
    Holidays just began ;)

    • J0N4SJ0N4S10-18-2013

      Maybe do a testing weekend again :)

  3. mcloudmcloud10-18-2013

    Very nice….

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  5. MasterTankerMasterTanker10-18-2013

    See you in hell americana!!!

    • nespresso.nespresso.10-20-2013

      i hope the update come before the war is over :>

  6. bsnake(Latvia)bsnake(Latvia)10-18-2013


  7. andreaske1andreaske110-19-2013

    Wow , great job ! I have the feeling the upcoming build (builds???) contain alot of great things for us !

    Keep up the good work !!

  8. rosiemarosiema10-19-2013

    The new build and maps can be tested in the stable server now.

    Pls no rush to the capital, just test battles

  9. rosiemarosiema10-19-2013

    ps. chrome asks me everytime to get the plug in so I got in with firefox

  10. joebournejoebourne10-19-2013

    so great, i love it!
    nice job!

  11. nespresso.nespresso.10-20-2013

    when is the update !!!!?????

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  12. Pvt_LarryPvt_Larry10-20-2013

    Truck truck truck truck!

  13. HrvojeMarkoticHrvojeMarkotic10-22-2013

    how to play heroes and generals

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