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Developer’s Corner: Asset Streaming

As was mentioned already in the last few blog posts, a lot of the work that we have been putting into the upcoming Manstein build of Heroes & Generals is aimed at improving performance. One of these improvements is asset streaming.

Lock & Load

In all the previous builds, the game would load all of its assets (geometry, textures, sounds, etc), every single time you launched a FPS match, using up a large amount of memory, preventing some of the lower-end graphics processors from running the game at all. Starting with the Manstein build, textures will be loaded on the fly (i.e. streamed), as they become needed.

This means the application will go grab the required resources from your hard drive starting with the LOD textures for distant objects and moving on to full-detail textures as you get closer. If your GPU meets the recommended configuration, you will not notice any difference in quality. However, if you play with a low-end graphics card, you should observe an increase in performance; the graphics will still look poor in comparison to better GPUs, but your frame rate should improve.

In future builds, asset streaming will extend to object models (vehicles, weapons, characters, buildings). This means for example, that the game will not load any tank models until an armored Assault Team enters the battle. This will allow us to increase the variety of unique geometry featured in FPS battles, meaning we will be able to load more types of… everything.

Asset streaming not only improves performance, it also opens the door for many different fun things like customized vehicles and squad insignia. So stay tuned!

  1. rosiemarosiema10-14-2013

    Great job and got a question to Reto:

    Since I noticed in testing that looking trees drops my fps score, and this had been verified by other testers, will you also apply this mechanic to the trees on the map?



  3. Pvt_LarryPvt_Larry10-14-2013

    I think I’m looking forward o Manstein more than any other build I’ve seen so far. It looks like reto’s really got the system down by now.

  4. BlaineUKBlaineUK10-14-2013

    This is good news! Once again, I commend you for the frequent blog posts during weekdays, I really like hearing this stuff.

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