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Feature Friday: Destruction

No war game would be complete without some destruction effects! With the upcoming Manstein build, we can at last announce the first iteration of our destruction physics: now wooden fences can be blown up and plowed through. Even gunfire damages them, if you’re ready to waste a few bullets!

Demolition Derby

When Manstein hits the servers, you will finally be able to enjoy the satisfaction of running right through those inconvenient fences with your favorite motor vehicle. This has been a widely-requested feature, so we have no doubt we’ll be seeing quite a few tankers making a “little detour” just to vandalize some unfortunate farmer’s property. Don’t worry, we’ll send you the bill ;)

Or you can also use the fences for target practice…

The first iteration of the destruction physics will only include fences, but we intend to expand it, adding more destructible elements to the enviroment. As we mentioned in our Developer Q&A Fall 2013 – Part 4, this will come with certain conditions: players need to be able to understand from a distance whether an object is something that can be destroyed, the physics have to make sense and be consistent, and the level of detail in the destruction effects must not drag down performance.

…And A Quick Note About the Assault Mission Clock

Yeah, we’re gonna just squeeze that one in here, because there’s not really enough to say about this to make a separate blog post! So here’s what’s new about the mission clock in Manstein: during an Assault, when the attacking faction seizes a mission objective, the clock will no longer stop; instead it will run at half speed. 10 minutes remaining will count as 20, for as long as the attackers can hold one objective (the exact clock slowdown ratio may be tweaked later, if need be). But the clock will never stop running. Why? Because we believe there should be additional pressure on the attackers, so they don’t just sit back when they capture the first objective and try to wear down the defenders with an eternal stalemate. This should make the game more interesting for everyone, no matter which faction is ahead.

  1. MoonRiserMoonRiser10-11-2013

    Looking at the first image of the American driving that truck. got me to ask. Are we getting support trucks anytime soon? will they be option for the regular cars on motorized infantry AT´s?

  2. k120k12010-11-2013

    Looks very nice as first step and i hope we get more and more destroyable environment in each new build.

  3. DondergodDondergod10-11-2013

    yay destruction, BOOOOO timer

  4. MasterTankerMasterTanker10-11-2013

    Nice with the fences, waiting for next build to reinstall…and hoping for a decent framerate for me.

    • RaulRaul10-11-2013

      To be honest, I already got a higher FPS, not much, but still an improvement, I can play better now…as soon as I derustify myself :)).

      • SurrakorulesSurrakorules10-25-2013

        raul can you help me?when the h&g sync opens avast stops the “downloading” cause it says it found sth suspicious

  5. s0wbears0wbear10-11-2013

    nice, i really like the change for the assault timer!

  6. classicmintclassicmint10-11-2013

    Yay no more cars be destroyed by fences :)

  7. iPenetratoriPenetrator10-12-2013

    Add the physics of weapons falling to the ground after the death of a character, is very strange weapon weighs air flashes and disappears

  8. popalexcristianpopalexcristian10-12-2013

    Hey and bridges?Special bombs for bridges.

    • popalexcristianpopalexcristian10-12-2013

      Hey and its funny first image.Lol.

  9. Pvt_LarryPvt_Larry10-12-2013

    Yea! Destructible terrain in the works! And somebody please tell me that that truck is for support units. But reto- aren’t we all going to miss those mind-numbingly slow 3 hour battles for the mountain town?

  10. popalexcristianpopalexcristian10-12-2013

    Where can i find fences?

    • RaulRaul10-13-2013

      Uhm, on the Medium French Village, as a side note, you can’t destroy them yet, you can do it in the next build.

  11. RaulRaul10-13-2013

    Nice going with those features, the first of many my friends :D.
    Can’t wait for destructible environs such as the Church towers >:).

  12. CYNICCYNIC10-14-2013

    Great job and great teaser with that truck! I miss these ww2 track like Opel-blitz, they could be used as support units which bring ammo\weapon to the frontline or to be used as taxi!

    Have one question on destruction: will u make someday trees destructable by armor? Would be cool!

    • Reto.GargamelReto.Gargamel10-16-2013

      Well, as we mentioned above, the main condition to destructible objects is that they must not put too much strain on everybody’s graphics card. IF trees become destructible (hypothetically speaking), and you go Vietnam-style all over the place trying to completely raze the forest, the game would have to render the animation for every single tree falling / exploding / burning. We would have to find a way to do that without crashing half the players’ graphics processors. And the ability to destroy trees would have to make the game more fun, not less; personally I don’t see a lot of challenge in shooting down guys running in plain sight across a naked, barren landscape ;)

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