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Half the Battle: Managing Equipment

Last week I gave you some tips on how to fight off tanks when you are playing as infantry. I concluded with a few suggestions to adapt your weapon loadout for different types of combat, depending on whether you want to focus on fighting mostly infantry or mostly vehicles. Squeezing different weapon types into your character’s limited inventory space can be a little bit tricky if you’re a new player, so I’ll use this week’s column to provide a quick overview of the Equipment Menu, as well as some versatile weapon combinations for the soldier who wants to be ready for any situation.

Come Prepared

The Equipment Menu

Just so we’re all on the same page: this is where the magic happens. Once you click this button, you’ll be taken to the selected character’s equipment list. For this example I am going to use my anti-tank specialist, Mr. Ride Buster.

Heavy Metal

Next, I want to draw your attention to your soldier’s carrying capacity, represented by rows of gray or white circles. Gray means free space, white indicates the space used up by equipped items. Infantrymen and Paratroopers get 10 equipment points. Pilots, Tankers and Recons only get 6, as a trade-off for their other abilities. The Fatigue meter, which increases with each added item, tells you how quick your soldier will get tired of sprinting/swimming fast.

You Can’t Always Get What You Want…

Opposite your character’s equipment, you will find another scrolling menu listing all the weapons in your arsenal. There too, you will find circles indicating how much free space is required to carry each item. White circles mean you can equip the item, red circles mean you currently don’t have enough space.
Note: I give my weapons silly nicknames to help me remember how many of each kind I have — there is no such thing as a combat spoon [scoped shovels on the other hand… Ed.].

…But If You Try, Sometimes…

Where it gets interesting is that you can choose to carry more or less ammunition for one of your weapons, by clicking the “+” and “” icons you can see on the ammo pouch. For example, a bazooka takes up 6 equipment points by default, but you can choose to drop the ammo bag and carry just one rocket (loaded inside the weapon) to make room for other items.

…You Get What You Need

By sacrificing bazooka rounds, you are now able to equip an M1903 rifle, which (by default) uses 5 equipment points. This is the scenario I described last time, where you want to focus on fighting infantry, but also want to be able to help shoot down the occasional tank. Just one rocket might not seem like much, but if there are two or three players in your squad doing the same thing, it quickly adds up to make you a very effective part-time tank removal team!

Also Available

Once you have squeezed in the M1903, you can also choose to change your mind and opt for a bazooka-oriented loadout. Click on the “” icon for the M1903: you will now carry only 5 bullets, and free 1 equipment point. Now click on the “+” icon for the bazooka, and you’ll have two rockets, enough to seriously hurt a tank.
Note: the equivalent weapon combination for the German faction would be the Kar 98 and the Panzerfaust.

Near, Far, Wherever You Are

By choosing a pistol instead of a rifle, you can even bring sticky grenades (or H3 magnetic charges, for Germans) into the mix. Now you are full of surprises.

Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

If you’re a particularly sneaky bastard, you can drop the ‘zooka and carry the kind of fireworks that will turn a Panzer VI into a Sputnik I: anti-tank mines. They’ll only use 3 equipment points, so many different combinations are possible.

I Just Can’t Get Enough

If you unlock the Hoarder combat badge, you will start out with more primary weapon ammo, which means that even the minimum setting can suddenly become interesting. I will let you experiment with that one…

  1. josadujosadu09-27-2013

    Nice! Now we need a weapon atachment guide pls!

  2. DeantwoDeantwo09-27-2013

    Hoarder combat badge is awesome with the M1903 Rifle and Bazooka M1A1, because they are both primary weapons. More ammo for both your weapons.

  3. englishkernigitenglishkernigit09-28-2013

    love the rolling stones refrence :)

  4. BlaineUKBlaineUK09-28-2013

    Why do these images show a maximum 20 stickies instead of 15?

  5. corundcorund09-28-2013

    How to get 5 savior kills in single battle? You need this for Hoarder combat badge.

  6. blackr0seblackr0se09-28-2013

    You new build invite Panzerschreck!

  7. SkyDaggersSkyDaggers09-28-2013

    Hello Reto.Moto team, is VOIP in plans? I didn’t playd HnG for a decent amount of time, but that’s because i was upset most of time, when capturing points(alone) or when defending important positions while everyone else doing reckless things.
    VOIP would let people to plan what to attack what to defend and who to eliminate on sight, aswell even intelligent players without a mic could listen to the plan/strategy so team would be much more efficient.

    Aswell is lean feature planed?

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