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Beta Videolog 8: “Leeb” is now online.

The new build ‘Leeb’ has been online for a short while, and we hope you will all help us welcome new players and community members to the game. With summer ending and fall upon us we managed to herd Reto.KenSolo and Reto.Colding out of the deckchairs and into the editing booth and they went to work on a new videolog detailing some of the bigger Leeb updates. Take a look here:

Here is a short rundown of the video’s content:

New Features

New Deploy System

We have updated the deploy system with a much more streamlined presentation, cool flyover animations and better info boxes.

New Recon character models

The recon units has finally had their new uniforms delivered, and we hope you’ll like them.

Improved Armor Model

The first version of the new armor model is here with improved ricochet, penetration and non-damaging shot calculations.

New US Heavy Armor Assault Team

New US Heavy Armor Assault Teams are joining the battle in their M26 Pershing tanks.

Take a look at this news post for more details.

  1. RaulRaul09-24-2013

    Nice changes Reto, glad to see Falcon there too :D. It would be nice for Reto to invite decent players on their Stable Server to make up some shots, videos or even test a bit :).

  2. Thompson153Thompson15309-24-2013

    That was amazing what falcon did! Glad that you guys gave him some credit for it.

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300009-26-2013

      If you see super awesome things like this, please let us know when it happened (and your timezone), the names of the players present and the name of the battle.

      Then it is fairly easy for us to grab a replay and take a look, and we REALLY like to show players what other players are doing in game so it is not always just us devs prancing around and posing with our ingame guns :-)

  3. zazo2002zazo200210-20-2013

    how do you install or get a new build

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300010-21-2013

      Whenever you login to the game, it will automatically update to the newest version.

      • zazo2002zazo200210-23-2013


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