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Intelligence Bulletin Vol 3 * No 30

Indian Summer? The calendar says late September, but the sky is blue, the sun is shining and we released a new videolog. Please note the impressive flying in the beginning; we saw the video fightingfalconf16 posted online and went in; ID’ed the session and grabbed the replay from the server. If you see awesome things like this in the game, please make a note of when it happened (and your timezone), the name of the battle, and the names of the players involved. Then you might be featured in our next video or we might make a compilation video of awesome heroics :-)

We have published another batch of answers from the Q&A thread and I am still sneaking up on devs and finding answers for your questions.

The other main things happening here at HQ, is the continued tracking of how the servers run and putting out hotfixes as well as locking down the feature set for the next build. We will then spend the next while making sure the new features work and play well together with the existing features and of course eliminate all bugs we find on the way.

That is all from me, have a great week everybody! :-)

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Team Debriefing

Game Management


Game Director


Programmer and Technical Lead




Project Coordinator
  • Reto.RedBjarne – Finished Flash UI components
  • Reto.RedBjarne – Forest fixup mountain, train tracks
  • Planning tasks to help improving stability
  • Meetings

Action Game Team


Lead Animator


3D Artist


Gameplay Programmer


Gameplay Programmer
  • Bug fixes
  • Testing destruction
  • Replay Tool test
  • Testing explosion damage to characters
  • Building internal test cases for anti-grief

Graphics & Level Design Team


Lead Artist


Art Director


Level Designer


Lead Character Artist


Effects Dude
  • Mountain Town – Terrain work
  • Mountain Town – New trainstation
  • Mountain Town – New Fuel Depot
  • Mountain Town – New barns and other building
  • Combat Badges
  • Combat Ribbons
  • Character progression

Campaign Team


Render Programmer


IT Architect


Flash Programmer


Server Programmer


Server Programmer


Mobile Programmer
  • More support tool
  • Fog of war work
  • Had meetings about, and began work on backend optimization (global data caching)
  • Corrected data handling for the Flash Client to work with Fog of War mechanics [Manstein]
  • Fog of War graphical representation implementation (just add some long words and it will be fine they said) [Manstein]
  • Developer Feedback Round 3 work [Questions]
  • Fix – resource transfer when factory towns are captured by enemy [Leeb]
  • Other Bug Fixes [Leeb]
  • Improve stats gathering pr. AT [Manstein]
  • Fixes on live seem stable (we had one hickup yesterday which seems unrelated)
  • Investigating “one clienthandler-one wardb” implementation performance
  • Held meeting on Global DB caching
  • Render stuff – prepare DX9 render for high quality [Manstein?]
  • Render stuff – improve terrain rendering performance [Manstein?]
  • Render stuff – try out software occlusion culling [Manstein?]
  • Render stuff – cleanup after implement new traversal system
  • Meeting GlobalDB, War Balance
  • Cleanup PlayerMissionSession (there can only be one..)

Sound Team


Lead Sound Designer


Audio Programmer
  • Armor model sound code / setup
  • Armor model sounds – general
  • Armor model sounds – penetration sound
  • Armor model sounds – shell impacts
  • Destructable sound code setup
  • Destructable fence sounds
  • Hit indicator sound code
  • Hit indicator sound
  • Stereo weapon sounds
  • Code refactoring af mission Schema update (information removed from MissionSession)

Community, QA & Support Team


Support Manager


Community Manager


QA Manager
  • QA: Manstein testing
  • QA: Testing hotfixes on live
  • QA: Testing Fog of War
  • Support: Tickets
  • CM: Anti-grief & Anti-cheat

Misc. Team


IT Admin


Games Analyst


Web Developer


Senior Programmer
  • Resource system follow up
  • Resource system follow up 2: It is NOT intended that we now have vehicles built out of random bit of other vehicles
  • Server hardware failure checks – why did more ram make server run worse!?!?
  • Performance work
  1. westwickwestwick09-26-2013

    Heroics you say?

    I was saving this for the chance of getting to see past replays. Not sure if you guys keep every match replay forever.

    /S 3189825263065755148 /M 2998467240449420483 /P 3189825263065755148 /W

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