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Half the Battle: Dealing With Tanks

Leeb has been around for more than a week now, and most of you have now experienced the new armor model first hand, most likely from the outside of said armor (i.e. on foot), which can be quite inconvenient when high explosive shells are whooshing in your direction and you don’t have a tennis racket to return them to the sender.

As explained in a previous post, the new armor physics model makes it more difficult to blow up a tank without taking a second to adjust your aim. You can’t just graze the side of the turret and count it as one hit anymore. So what can you do when you’re Infantry and the other guy is driving a 25-ton mechanical nightmare with complete disregard for traffic laws?

Tank Busting 101

Below the Belt

Try shooting for the thinner armor plating in-between the tracks, at the lower sides. It’s admittedly much harder to hit than the front of the vehicle, but when you’re on the same level as the tank, or coming up a hill (for example the one with the Radio Tower in the mountain skirmish map), this is your best bet. Which brings us to…

Death from Above

The other weak spot on tanks is usually the top plating, behind the turret. Find an elevated position to rain rockets down on them. This is also efficient when combined with the next tactic.

Urban Guerilla

The choice of terrain is a big factor in achieving superiority over tanks, which is why it’s somewhat easier to defend against an armored assault than to attack a position guarded by motionless tanks. If tankers can choose the battlefield, they will always pick open country over towns, for several reasons:

  • Tanks have poor maneuverability, which makes it hard for them to back out of an ambush when navigating narrow streets. Turning sharp corners usually requires slowing down, so quick U-turns are out of the question.
  • WWII tanks are afflicted with very narrow fields of vision, which makes it hard for the crew to fully survey their surroundings without sticking their heads out of the hatch. Swiveling the turret all the way around to look behind takes considerable time.
  • Tanks are usually limited to a predictable path when navigating streets, and their poor vision makes it hard to spot anti-tank mines.

If tankers are foolish enough to come at you in a densely built area, the game of cat-and-mouse will shift to your advantage. Stay in cover, wait until the tank is not pointing its turret your way — or better still, until it has completely passed you by — then strike.

Blind and Deaf

A tank is almost deaf. Locating sounds from the outside over the roar of the engine is difficult and confusing. Use the F key to whistle and attract the tanker’s attention (thanks to player Ashkenton for this tip).

Work in Teams

Armor is particularly deadly when escorted by infantry. A lone anti-tank specialist will have a hard time getting close enough to threaten the tank without first eliminating the riflemen, especially if he carries a panzerfaust or bazooka instead of a rifle. A squad of two riflemen and one anti-tank specialist working together will stand a much better chance of success. And while we’re discussing teamwork, here’s another tip from Ashkenton: if the enemy tanks are working in groups, it is a good idea to flank the rear of the formation and attack the last tank of the group.

Versatile Weapon Loadouts

If you don’t have a specialized anti-tank character, you can always purchase No.74 sticky bombs, H3 magnetic charges or anti-tank mines and bring a couple to the battle. Or if you want to bring both a rifle and a rocket launcher, you can try either one of these compromises:

  • A M1903/K98 rifle with normal ammo, and a bazooka/panzerfaust with only 1 round. Use this loadout if you intend to mostly focus on fighting infantry, but want to help shoot down the occasional tank.
  • A bazooka/panzerfaust with 2 rockets, to focus on attacking armor, and a M1903/K98 rifle with only 5 bullets, in case you run into infantry.
  1. patton1995patton199509-20-2013

    Pretty legit :P

  2. ilearilear09-20-2013

    Nice read, i could only add weapon loadouts

    – bazooka + pistol with 3 rockets (+1 magazine on bazooka)
    – bazooka + pistol with 4 rockets (+1 magazine, +1 badge)

    which also can be used by regular infantry character.

    • iglixiglix10-12-2013

      +1 to you. Lot of players underestimate deadlines of pistol in game where every headshot is instakill

  3. PathPath09-20-2013

    – bazooka(+1) + garand + hoarder you will have 3 rockets and a good weapon ;)

  4. FontanFontan09-20-2013

    “WWII tanks are afflicted with very narrow fields of vision”

    Thats not as true as it sounds, many tanks, especially the german ones, had a commando dome at the top of the turret which allowed the tank commander a 360° view in full cover.

    But hey…its a game.

  5. czachojebczachojeb09-20-2013

    kiedy się skończy konserwacja serwera?

  6. JanNightingaleJanNightingale09-20-2013

    You can also use MP40/Tommy and H3/No.74 bombs.

  7. kortvokortvo09-20-2013

    You guys do realize the stovepipe was the panzerschreck, which you are yet to include in the game, right?

  8. westwickwestwick09-20-2013

    Cool graphics, those screenshots are ace as usual.

    Crawling in tall grass can make you near invisible to tankers.
    Bicycles are also great for stalking slower tanks; waiting until the commander pops his soon to be ventilated head.

  9. BlaineUKBlaineUK09-21-2013

    I’d like to see more information in the Wiki listing all the areas of each of the tanks from weakest to strongest. Obviously I know where the weakest areas are realistically, but I can’t be too sure in game unless you’re transparent about it.

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300009-24-2013

      For the main body parts the armor is built from authentic specs. In the first iteration there are some inconsistencies where we, f.ex have a high armor setting on an antenna or a very thin piece of sheet metal has the armor setting of the armor behind it as you could otherwise destroy a tank by repeatedly hitting its antenna with a shovel….

      BUT the new armor model makes it much easier for us to extend the model to include compartmentalized damage such as shooting off antennas and fenders etc without damaging the armored hull.

      Feel free to start adding content to the wiki.

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