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Dev Q&A – Fall 2013 – Part 1


Axis & Allies! Ladies & Gentlemen! We are currently making our way through 20 pages of questions from you guys and instead of spending a lot of time answering all in one go, we decided to group them into 5 parts. And behold! Here is the first part.

Here are a couple of (almost) randomly chosen nuggets:

Q: Are you planning to make it possible to use the squad leader commands while in a vehicle, specifically tanks and planes?

A: That is the plan. Right now the squad leader gives commands through the binoculars, so we need to find an alternative to that for tankers and pilots.

Q: Will barbed wire ever cause damage to characters, or is it just cosmetic?

A: Eventually we would like such obstacles to be dangerous to soldiers, but this is not scheduled yet. Barbed wire’s main function is not to hurt people, but to entangle and stop them and we might look into that as well.

If you are curious to know more about what is happening behind the scenes, check it out here: Developer Q&A Fall 2013 – Part 1

  1. MasterTankerMasterTanker09-18-2013

    AMD6100 + NVIDIA 550Ti + 8GB RAM + 108 ping = 9 FPS

    This is the most important question, when? the framerate of this game drops all the time, in my case it drops from 60 fps to 9 fps, especially when tanks and planes are near, im sure what many people has the same problem, because all the time the people complaint about “lag”.

    • BloodskyBloodsky09-18-2013

      GTX550Ti is worse then a GTX460 and terrible for gaming.

      The most important question really is, when will you upgrade your graphics card?

      The problem is with your hardware mate!

  2. kortvokortvo09-19-2013

    Do you plan to balance out the tanks? It was pretty fair until the allies got a hold of the M26 pershing.
    Side question, do you plan on expanding the tank tree/ squad upgrade tree?
    It has a lot of potential and I’d like to see a panzer IV J some day.

    • iglixiglix09-19-2013

      Tanks as I saw while ago are balanced (or in process of being balanced , time will say). In Leeb build they changed warfund costs for tanks. Now stuarts cost almost 10k warfunds to resuply more then Pz1. Also all tanks got armor so Pz1 is no longer one-shot target but actualy combat-able vehicle. Too many times I hitted it from rear with 3 zooka and Pz1 happyily drived away making havoc in our ranks (oh well. say goodbye to glorius tank hunting times where one soldier could kill 3 tanks wit just zooka/faust and stickies/h3)
      Also Pershing Vs Tigers , well Pershing is new tank. So it is probable that it will be rebalanced later. I do not have enough experience with it to say if it is overpowered or not. But even right now you can see that Pershing costs about 30k more warfunds to resuply than Tiger. So even if it is stronger , again it is balanced by its cost.

      So right now if we can say that Tanks are being balanced (I do not belive that it will be last change they will do with them) , I am just waiting till when they will balance german MG42 too. Untill now I was accepting that Stuart vs Pz1 unbalance is somehow compensated by MG42 power (even though stuarts you could see only once in few battles, while MG42 is in all battles used in great numbers). But that is done now , so MG42 is imho next on the line. Probably it will be solved by that announced future update where machineguns will have to be deployed. Till then enjoy your MG42

  3. GrDHanibalGrDHanibal09-20-2013

    Have you ever got caught by regular barbed wire it hurts, but razor wire would slice and cause bleed out and large gashes. So to have them damage would be nice. Something like Verdun has in it.

  4. MikluhaMikluha09-22-2013

    the same problem/ intel i5-3210M/ geforce 630M 2gb/ 8 gb ram/ the game slows down

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